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This page will contain links to guides and summaries that should help you to get started and have an overview of how the game runs. Getting the game How to re-roll/give yourself referrals To re-roll means you reset an account till… Continue Reading →

Tips for Tower of Trials (February)

Here are some tips collected from players who have cleared the Tower for February for floor 30. For earlier floors, please refer to this post. Floor 30: Dhaos Dhaos HP: 2.5m Element: Light Targets: None Status: Freeze, Stone, Burn Style: Dhaos opening greeting is a 9-tile… Continue Reading →

ToLink Pre-3rd Year Anniversary Special Event 2: Countdown Login Bonus

21 February 00:00 ~ 2 March 23:59 ToLink’s second Pre-3rd Year Anniversary Special Event will be coming up soon – login everyday in this period and receive a total of 25 Hero Stones! There will be one more Pre-Anniversary event coming up. Stay… Continue Reading →

ToLink Pre-3rd Year Anniversary Special Event 1: Happy Birthday 2/28

20 February 15:00 ~ 28 February 15:00 Viva-kun’s (Tales of Viva Mascot) birthday is coming up soon on 28 February! ToLink’s first Pre-3rd Year Anniversary Special Event will be to celebrate Viva-kun’s birthday and Viva-kun’s favorite snack – Ohagi (as… Continue Reading →

Marker Collection Gacha

18 February 15:00 ~ 3 March 15:00 There will be 2 Gachas – a Circle tile gacha and a Square tile gacha. The Pickup Characters from each gacha will have Skills that are only focused on the circle and square tiles… Continue Reading →

Tower of Trials

18 February 15:00 ~ 31 March 15:00 The monthly Tower of Trials event is back! 1 new floor has been added – the upcoming Tower will have 30 floors in total this time. No hero stones can be used to continue stage. NOTE: (Updated) The 3OF Enemy Boss is… Continue Reading →

Awakening Quest

14 February 15:00 ~ 4 March 15:00 There will be thirty three 5* characters that you can farm awakening materials for in this event, with 2 new characters added to the True Awakening list. The 2 new characters that have been added… Continue Reading →

Hero Fes: Sweet & Bitter Gacha

14 February 15:00 ~ 27 February 15:00 New LE 5*: Zelos and Cheria (both eligible for True Awakening) 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed two 4* or above, 1~5 February Hero Fes Ticket Gacha, 150 Link Badges NOTES: – 5* Asbel, Reala, Kratos and Rita (all eligible for True Awakening) will not be included… Continue Reading →

TOZ-X Anime (2nd Season) Commemoration Event 3

13 January 15:00 onwards There will be 4 continuous events to commemorate the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime. All 5* and 6* ToZ cards will turn into wind-type (element SE) and receive a boost of 1.5x to their stats… Continue Reading →

February Power Awakening List

9 February 15:00 onwards There are three new 5* characters added into the Power Awakening List: Colette, Kongwai and Sync. You can refer to the in-game notice for the increase in stats – do note that the 5* stats listed are based on Level 79 and the 6* stats… Continue Reading →

Mystic Arte Arena

11 February 19:00 ~ 12 February 23:59 The upcoming Mystic Arte Arena event will feature the new arena of Dezel (wind) and the repeat arenas of Colette (water) and Kongwai (earth). The significant qualifying ranks and rewards (partial) for each arena:… Continue Reading →

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