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This page will contain links to guides and summaries that should help you to get started and have an overview of how the game runs. Getting the game How to re-roll/give yourself referrals To re-roll means you reset an account till… Continue Reading →

Awakening Quest

17 January 15:00 ~ 4 February 15:00 There will be thirty 5* characters that you can farm awakening materials for in this event, with 2 new characters added to the True Awakening list. The 2 new characters that have been added to the… Continue Reading →

Hero Fes Gacha

17 January 15:00 ~ 30 January 15:00 New 5*: Judas and Muzet (both eligible for True Awakening) First 10-roll will cost only 30 hero stones and comes with 90 Link Badges (instead of 150). 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed two 4* or above, 1~5 January Hero… Continue Reading →

Version 3.8.1 and ToZ Gacha Updates

There will be an app update to version 3.8.1 launched on 13 January 11:30 JST and with this update, a “refresh” button will be added to the Friends List before entering a battle stage. Players can now refresh their Friends List directly with this button… Continue Reading →

TOZ-X Anime (2nd Season) Commemoration Login Bonus Event

9 January 00:00 ~ 31 March 23:59 In commemoration of the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime, there will be a series of login bonuses given out throughout this period. Players will be able to receive a total of 20 Hero… Continue Reading →

TVCM Commemoration Bonus Step Up Gacha

8 January 23:00 ~ 1 April 00:00 The pickup characters will include the 5* characters from the TVCM Commemoration Free Gacha and 5* Swimsuit Characters of 2014 and 2015 (see in-game notice for full details). This is a 3-step Step Up Gacha, with different bonuses and… Continue Reading →

TOZ-X Anime (2nd Season) Commemoration Event 1

13 January 15:00 onwards There will be 4 continuous events to commemorate the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime. All 5* and 6* ToZ cards will turn into fire-type (element SE) and receive a boost of 1.5x to their stats… Continue Reading →

Tales of Zestiria the X: Anime Commemoration (2nd Season ) ToZ Gacha

13 January 15:00 ~ 1 April 00:00 The only 5* in this gacha are ToZ characters Some of the LE costumed ToZ 5*s will return in this gacha as well, such as GE Edna. (see gacha lineup for details) New 5*: Sorey… Continue Reading →

TVCM Commemoration Free Gacha

8 January 23:00 ~ 1 April 00:00 You can play this gacha once for free. Players will be guaranteed to get 1 of the 5 characters above. Note: There will be no Link Badges given out for this gacha. Gacha Guide

Mystic Arte Arena Event

7 January 19:00 ~ 8 January 23:59 The upcoming Mystic Arte Arena event will feature the repeat arenas of Mikleo (water), Reid (earth) and Flynn (wind). The significant qualifying ranks and rewards (partial) for each arena: Top 2000: Advance to… Continue Reading →

Lucky Pouch Gacha 2017

4 January 15:00 ~ 6 January 15:00 The Lucky Pouch gacha is here! There will be 10 True Awakened characters returning in this gacha and they are: Judith, Ludger, Jude, Alisha, Luke, Cheria, Asbel, Reala, Kratos and Rita (the first… Continue Reading →

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