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[Admin Post] Hiatus

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Hello fellow ToLink players. We’re sorry for the bad timing, but we’re officially going on an infinite hiatus. Thank you for using us over (part of) the 2 years or so (especially those whom I’ve spoken to). Boring optional details… Continue Reading →

Beginners Guide/FAQ

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This page will contain links to guides and summaries that should help you to get started and have an overview of how the game runs. Getting the game How to re-roll/give yourself referrals To re-roll means you reset an account till… Continue Reading →

Idolish7: Quick Guide to 6* Jude

To better wrap up the 6* Idolish7 information posts and clear up some misconceptions some players seem to have: 6* Jude is accessible to everyone. Just very tedious. This short guide is for those don’t have i7 unit or 6*… Continue Reading →

Idolish7: Farming Event & Exchange Centre

After you clear the scenario quest (chapter 4), you will unlock the farming stages. Lessons with Keele Lessons with Luke Search for Idol Candidates! (Normal to Expert) i7 Special Effect will take effect in the above stages. The Lessons quests are easy… Continue Reading →

Idolish7: Key Quest

30 April 15:00 ~ 26 May 15:00 You will get a total of six i7 Keys from the Login Bonus. Each i7 Key will unlock a i7 Key Quest for 1 battle. One battle will drop 1 King Pudding Ticket. Each King Pudding… Continue Reading →

Idolish7: Login Bonus and Scenario Quest

Login Bonus 30 Apr 0:00 ~ 25 May 23:59 Log in all 26 days to receive 5* Kujo Tenn (day 1), and a total of 20 Hero Stones, plus LP, Stamina Gels (S), and i7 Keys. Scenario Quest Beginning 30 April 15:00,… Continue Reading →

Awakening Quest

30 April 15:00 ~ 29 May 15:00 There are 2 new characters added to the True Awakening list: 5* i7 Asbel 5* i7 Eizen Stages There will be 6 stages in this Awakening Quest: The first 4 stages range from Easy to Hell-or-Heaven (higher difficulty = higher… Continue Reading →

Idolish7 Collaboration Gacha

30 April 15:00 ~ 26 May 15:00 Limited Edition 5* (comes with background) i7 Asbel (TA) i7 Eizen (TA) i7 Luke i7 Keele 4* Tytree Celsius The four i7 units will get Special Effect during i7 events (except Goddess mode): Leaderskill: 3x… Continue Reading →

ToLink Comic: Tips for Tales of Link

30 April 15:00 onwards ToLink’s 10th in-game comic ~ Tips for Tales of Link ~ will be here soon! You can read the comic in the Comic Reader and get the event reward there. Event Reward 30 April 15:00 ~ 31 May 15:00 Get 3 Hero Stones when you finish reading the… Continue Reading →

Golden Week Login Bonus Campaign

29 April 0:00 ~ 7 May 23:59 Log in all 9 days during this period to receive one Guaranteed 5* Ticket (day 1) and a total of 10 hero stones!

Idolish7 Collaboration Begins 30 April

According to an announcement from Idolish7, Tales of Link’s collaboration with Idolish7 will begin on 30th April. (I7 will begin the collaboration in June, featuring idols in Tales costumes)

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