3 March 0:00 ~ 8 April 15:00

Tales of Link 3rd Anniversary Celebrations have officially begun!

To thank players for their support over the years, all players will receive two 3rd Anniversary Character Exchange Badges: one from first login during the period, and one from exchanging 10 3rd Anniversary Garapon Tickets at the Exchange Centre (3rd tab: Event). You cannot exchange for more than one Badge.

At the newly added 1st tab: Present Campaign, you will find more than 200 5* units up for exchange for 3rd Anniversary Character Exchange Badges. Some units (generally those with Turn-Delay or Vamp or Power Awakening) cost 2 Badges, while others cost 1 Badge. You get only 2 Badges, so choose wisely!


The ToLink JP Discord Group has compiled all the available units and their leaderskill and skills and notable traits translated in a spreadsheet, with their recommendations in bold. Make sure to check it out if you are looking for something specific!


2 Badges:

1 Badge:

  • NY Ludger (Spear) – Vamp
  • Kanonno E (Sword) – Vamp
  • Halloween Saleh (Spear) – Vamp (more details here)
  • Stahn – Rainbow lead + 3x tile boost (more details here)
  • Judith – Rainbow lead + 3x tile boost (more details here)
  • Xmas Jude (Hammer) – If you don’t have Referral!Sophie and really want to use Dead or Alive UR Hammers, make sure to get him. His 4th trait is “Attack up 70% when HP <10%”

Please submit your suggestions! Yours truly has decided on a non-recommended husbando unit and has not bothered to look at the 200 other candidates.

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