3 March 0:00 ~ 3 April 0:00

A special Garapon event is being held in celebration of ToLink’s 3rd Anniversary.

Anniversary Garapon can be found under Key Quests tab in Events. To play once, you need a 3rd Anniversary Garapon Key. You get a 3rd Anniversary Garapon Key in your giftbox for each day you login from 3 March 0:00 to 3 April 0:00, for a maximum of 25 Keys. A Key will only be used up if you cleared the stage.

Drops may include God Eater UR++ Weapons, Fire UR++ Weapons, 4* and 5* VS Characters, and more.

For clearing a Garapon stage, you will also get a 3rd Anniversary Garapon Ticket, up to a maximum of 25 Tickets. These Tickets can be exchanged for rewards in Leonne’s Exchange Centre, most notably for the 3rd Anniversary Character Present Badge (10 Tickets).


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