18 March 15:00 ~ 3 April 15:00

  1. Challenge Leonne to get Gold and Silver Certificates (Certs). Weapon spheres are also part of the loot.
  2. There are 6 stages from Easy to Ultimate where you can farm for Certs. The 7th stage: Goddess mode, is unlocked after beating Ultimate mode, and will not drop any loot. Gold Certs do not drop in Easy and Normal, and Silver Certs do not drop in Chaos and Ultimate. The drop rate is, as usual, higher for higher difficulty stages.
  3. Unused Certs will be removed at the end of event. They cannot be exchanged for other items, so make sure to use them up.
  4. Certs can be used in Leonne’s Exchange Center to trade for items such as 4* and 5* Leonne Bless, new SR Spear 輝装・ランス, and its evolve materials.
  5. A tip is given for Ultimate stage: “Survive her attacks for a number of turns and victory is yours! The keys to victory are Recovery skills and Shield breakers!”
  6. The new SR Spear 輝装・ランス can be evolved to UR++, and cannot be limit broken. Its trait is “attack up 16% when HP is above 50%”.
  7. 5* Leonne Bless is Support type, and will boost Light units’ HP by 1.1x.
  8. The first-clear bonus of Goddess mode is 5 hero stones. The restriction in this Goddess mode is that UA effects will be nullified.
  9. Ultimate and Goddess modes are no-continue stages.
  10. Goddess modes will appear in future events, and will have different restriction(s) each time.

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