6 March 15:00 ~ 14 March 15:00

Happy Anniversary! As part of the celebrations, VS Sara stages, along with its scenario quests, will return. This time, Caesar will join the battle as well, and defeating him gives you the chance of earning him as a 4* or 5* unit.

Tip: Sara has a very useful 5th trait for Tower of Trials 30F, especially if you don’t own the Null-All-Status Ribbon (see details here). Make sure to get and train at least one of her to have a fighting chance.

Tip2: 5* Caesar (Sword) has Turn-Delay Arte (1 enemy, 1 turn), its chance of activating is lower than a gacha unit (1:4 chance). His 4th trait is “Attack up 30% when HP is below 2%”.

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