Hello fellow ToLink players. We’re sorry for the bad timing, but we’re officially going on an infinite hiatus. Thank you for using us over (part of) the 2 years or so (especially those whom I’ve spoken to). Boring optional details underneath in case you think “huh? that’s all??” like I tend to.

ToLink@Momugi had its beginnings (then unnamed) in Tumblr in late 2014 when ToLink was just a few months old and players were few. I had just found the app, enthusiastic, and found few others playing, and even fewer understood the Japanese game fully and would make poor decisions, and so on. It was natural as a fellow fan to inform them what I knew (like the somewhat-hidden now-defunct referral reward system). From there, it became a blog, then a site, so it was easier to get the information around a slowly growing base.

This decision is not as sudden as it seems. Since about one year ago, I’ve had thoughts of shutting down the site as things got busy. The main reason I didn’t was because my friend Belix, a fellow player, agreed to help out for awhile (that became months!), and then it was back to mostly me, but with a team supporting me in the background (y’all are great and I’m sorry for the times I got too demanding). That, and I still love the game.

Time remains an issue, and so was the fairly common issue of people taking your work for granted, reuploading, copy-pasting… you know the deal: deleting your presence from your work because you’re just some faceless thing on the internet — “happens to everyone” 馃槈 It was a struggle to continue maintaining a factually correct site all the time, editing out typos sometimes into the night whenever my friends find time to catch them long after I hit ‘post’. Still, I loved the game and the pet project I started by semi-accident. At times though,聽it’s hard to tell if I was still enjoying doing this, or it was just an obligation.

I’m once again sorry about the bad timing (umm, just complete the requests and keep exchanging the loot you farmed for profit. That’s probably all that’s left), but things happened and after the latest incident I聽have no motivation to complete the聽few remaining announcements. I’m not even sure if I’ll聽pick up interest again, so I’ll just call it an infinite hiatus. All info will remain up, in case they remain useful to someone. Just try not to claim as yours. And try not to make up stories聽without proof. Please? Well, I had to try.

ToLink JP has had its 3rd anniversary, and ToLink Global happened. The playerbase has expanded a lot, and there are now many who are knowledgeable about the game and/or language (beware of the ones with half knowledge though). It feels as good a time as any to ‘retire’ and focus on other projects I was waiting to start on. I’ll still be in my little chat group enjoying the game as a player, once more, also waiting eagerly for the damage ranking next month and聽the next聽beautiful trap gacha.

Have fun, everyone!