14 February 15:00 ~ 4 March 15:00

There will be thirty three 5* characters that you can farm awakening materials for in this event, with 2 new characters added to the True Awakening list.

The 2 new characters that have been added to the True Awakening List are:


There will be 7 stages in the Awakening Quest:

  • The first 4 stages range from Easy to Hell-or-Heaven (higher difficulty = higher drop rate of the rarer Orbs)
  • The next  stages are:
    – True Path of Awakening, with higher drop rate of Hero Badge
    – Zelo’s Path of Awakening, with higher drop rate of Zelos True Badge
    – Cheria’s Path of Awakening, with higher drop rate of Cheria True Badge,


  • Hero Badges can be used to exchange for the True Badges of all the other 5* Characters eligible for True Awakening in the current Hero Fes: Sweet & Bitter Gacha at Leonne’s Exchange Centre
  • Players will gain 5x the number of kill count for True Path, Zelos’s Path and Cheria’s Path and 2x the number of kill count for all other stages in this Awakening Quest, to assist in unlocking traits.


Enhancements (Power Awakening)

New characters: None

Repeated characters: Refer to the Awakening Category for past Power Awakening lists.


Enhancements (True Awakening)



  • Leader Skill: Boosts HP by 1.8x, Attack by 1.7x and Recovery by 1.6x for Spear and Magic units, small increased chance of heart tiles appearing in battle
  • Skill: Changes all tiles to heart tiles (LC:30)
  • Arte: No change
  • Trait 1: HP stat +200
  • Trait 2: Randomly recovers HP by 5%
  • Trait 3: 15% recovery boost when unit is in a link of 4 or more units
  • Trait 4: Increases chance of Aura by 5%
  • Trait 5: Randomly adds 2 LC in battle



  • Leader Skill: Boosts Attack by 2.3x for all units, additional Attack Boost of 1.2x when HP>80%
  • Skill: No change
  • Arte: 5-hit and delays 1 turn on single enemy target  – damage: 70%x5
  • Trait 1: Attack stat +200
  • Trait 2: Randomly boosts Attack by 8% for all units
  • Trait 3: Increases the strength of both weapon and armor equipment by 10%
  • Trait 4: LC+6 when battle stage starts
  • Trait 5: 30% chance of recovering 4% of damage dealt

Request List

  1. Clear any Awakening Quests 1x: Hero Stone x2
  2. Clear any Awakening Quests 3x: Hero Badge x2
  3. Clear any Awakening Quests 5x: LP 30000 x1
  4. Clear any Awakening Quests 10x: Fairy Orb x15
  5. Clear any Awakening Quests 15x: Hero Stone x2
  6. Clear any Awakening Quests 25x: Hero Badge x3
  7. Clear any Awakening Quests 40x: Spirit Orb (Magic Type) x10
  8. Clear any Awakening Quests 60x: Spirit Orb (Spear Type) x10
  9. Clear any Awakening Quests 80x: Hero Stone x2
  10. Clear any Awakening Quests 100x: 5* LB Bird (Magic Type) x1
  11. Clear any Awakening Quests 110x: 5* LB Bird (SpearType) x1
  12. Clear any Awakening Quests 120x: True Badge (Zelos and Cheria) x1 each

Awakening System Guide

Awakening Quest Guide

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