24 February 15:00 ~ 8 March 15:00

The new character that has been added to the True Awakening List is:


There will be 6 stages in the Awakening Quest:

  • Rokurou, Magilou and Eizen have their own stage  at two difficulties each, so you can farm for the one you need at their stage.
  • Rokurou stages drop Sword type orbs, Eizen’s drop Hammer type orbs, and Magilou’s drop Magic type orbs.


  • Hero Badges can be used to exchange for the True Badges of some other 5* Characters eligible for True Awakening at Leonne’s Exchange Centre
  • Players will gain 2x the number of kill count for all stages in this Awakening Quest, to assist in unlocking traits.


Enhancements (Power Awakening)

New characters: None

Repeated characters: Refer to the Awakening Category for past Power Awakening lists.


Enhancements (True Awakening)



  • Leader Skill: Boosts Attack by 2.6x for 3-Link or above, additional 1.4x Attack boost to sword and spear units
  • Skill: No change
  • Arte: Damages single target for 175%x2, turn-delay for 1 turn
  • Trait 1: Attack up 10% when he’s the first unit in the Link
  • Trait 2: Attack up 8%
  • Trait 3:Attack up 10% when he’s the last unit in a 4-Link (or higher)
  • Trait 4: +5 LC at beginning of battle
  • Trait 5: Weapon stats up 15%



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