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New Feature: Costume Change!

30 September 12:00 onwards The option to change costumes for all your non-costumed True-Awakened 6* characters is here! A Costume-Change button has been added to the character card profile: You can change the artwork (including the chibi sprite) using the Costume-Change button… Continue Reading →

New Feature: Leonne’s Exchange Centre

ToLink will be launching a new feature ~Leonne’s Exchange Centre~ on 15 August 15:00! You can access this new feature via the Shop Menu. Currently, there are 2 types of items that you can use to exchange in the centre: Awakening materials –… Continue Reading →

New Item: Element Rings

A new item that can change Character Element will be launched soon – the Element Ring. There are 7 types of Element Rings: Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark Random (as the name says, it applies a random element onto your… Continue Reading →

New System: Awakening

Tales of Link is implementing Awakening, where you can upgrade selected 5* characters to become 6* with the some or all of the following enhanced: Stats Leaderskill Skill Arte Traits There are two types of Awakening: Power Awakening and True Awakening. A character can be… Continue Reading →

Account Backup

tolink-jpn: If your ToLink device is lost or damaged and you do not have a valid backup code, bluntly speaking, your account is as good as Forever Lost. You can try emailing game support, but most often their eventual answer… Continue Reading →

Kaiser System: Empire Interface

Position: e.g. Kaiser/Ritter/Freelancer (Empire) Title: e.g. Newbie Empire Titles are earned by fulfillnig conditions such as hitting certain Empire Ranks. Empire Rank Empire Rank goes up according to KBP. KBP (Kaiser Battle Point) You get KBP for winning Kaiser Battles…. Continue Reading →

Kaiser System Masterpost

In Kaiser System, players play as Freelancers, Ritters or Kaisers in a round of Scouting Battles where Empire members are decided and prizes can be earned via points and ranking. Following which, a Kaiser Battle will take place where only… Continue Reading →

Interface Part 1 – My Page

Interface Part 1 – My Page The newly revamped My Page (the old one is here) now displays your current Leader and Sub Leaders (if you swipe to the left/right). You can also hear them speak if you tap on… Continue Reading →

Equipment Sort Interface

chaosyish: tried to make it understandable, but… just play around until you figure out what I meant

Stamina Recovery

The 5-minute stamina regen campaign, that was supposed to end on 17 January, is now extended infinitely.

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