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Kaiser System

Scouting Battle: Bugs, Compensation, and more

Summary of the recent wall of text in block-quotes: 1. Regarding the bug where Friend Leader-Skill was wrongly activated (if you happen to choose a Supporter who was your Friend) during 15:00~21:30 pm on 26 March The decision is to… Continue Reading →

Scouting Battle FAQ

Q: How do you determine the party other players fight in SB? A: Your Display Party (with the Lippi icon that is displayed to Friends) is the party of 3 that other players will fight in SB. AI will control… Continue Reading →

Scouting Battle #1

26 Mar 15:00 ~ 3 April 23:59 Ranking rewards given out from: 4 Apr 15:00 Fight other players for points and make your way up the rankings! You must be at least a Freelancer (i.e. rank 20) to participate. Scouting… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Ritter

When you are scouted by a Kaiser during Scouting Battle, you become a Ritter of their Empire. Ritters are ranked according to their strength (combined stats of 3 units): Platinum Ritter Gold Ritter Silver Ritter Bronze Ritter Ritters can fight… Continue Reading →

Empire Bonus

Only the Kaiser can set the Bonus for Empire members every week (each week ends at 23:59 Sunday JST). The Bonus takes effect daily. The Bonuses are generally of two types: item gifts or stats boost. The higher your Empire… Continue Reading →

Kaiser Ticket Exchange

Screenshots of current prizes taken on 24 March 2016; click to enlarge.   Kaiser Tickets can be won in Kaiser Battles and traded for items in the Kaiser Ticket Exchange. The available prizes will change from time to time. New… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Kaiser

Building an Empire costs 10 million gald. To do so, click on “Empire” on My Page and then the button after the scenario. You would have succeeded if you are less 10 million gald and are brought to a page… Continue Reading →

Kaiser Requirements (Preview)

Here’s what looks like (some of the) Kaiser requirements (but might be changed by launch time): Rank 120 or above Clear up to stage X in story mode Have n Lv99 units. Have Lv5 in Lippi Dispatch Have n UR… Continue Reading →

New ranking event: Kaiser Battle (KB)

Major Update Preview! To be unveiled this month – the “Kaiser system” Step 1: Become a Kaiser and build your Empire! – You can become a Kaiser if you meet certain criteria. A Kaiser can create an Empire. Step 2:… Continue Reading →

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