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Hero Fes Gacha

17 January 15:00 ~ 30 January 15:00 New 5*: Judas and Muzet (both eligible for True Awakening) First 10-roll will cost only 30 hero stones and comes with 90 Link Badges (instead of 150). 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed two 4* or above, 1~5 January Hero… Continue Reading →

Version 3.8.1 and ToZ Gacha Updates

There will be an app update to version 3.8.1 launched on 13 January 11:30 JST and with this update, a “refresh” button will be added to the Friends List before entering a battle stage. Players can now refresh their Friends List directly with this button… Continue Reading →

TOZ-X Anime (2nd Season) Commemoration Login Bonus Event

9 January 00:00 ~ 31 March 23:59 In commemoration of the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime, there will be a series of login bonuses given out throughout this period. Players will be able to receive a total of 20 Hero… Continue Reading →

TVCM Commemoration Bonus Step Up Gacha

8 January 23:00 ~ 1 April 00:00 The pickup characters will include the 5* characters from the TVCM Commemoration Free Gacha and 5* Swimsuit Characters of 2014 and 2015 (see in-game notice for full details). This is a 3-step Step Up Gacha, with different bonuses and… Continue Reading →

Tales of Zestiria the X: Anime Commemoration (2nd Season ) ToZ Gacha

13 January 15:00 ~ 1 April 00:00 The only 5* in this gacha are ToZ characters Some of the LE costumed ToZ 5*s will return in this gacha as well, such as GE Edna. (see gacha lineup for details) New 5*: Sorey… Continue Reading →

TVCM Commemoration Free Gacha

8 January 23:00 ~ 1 April 00:00 You can play this gacha once for free. Players will be guaranteed to get 1 of the 5 characters above. Note: There will be no Link Badges given out for this gacha. Gacha Guide

Lucky Pouch Gacha 2017

4 January 15:00 ~ 6 January 15:00 The Lucky Pouch gacha is here! There will be 10 True Awakened characters returning in this gacha and they are: Judith, Ludger, Jude, Alisha, Luke, Cheria, Asbel, Reala, Kratos and Rita (the first… Continue Reading →

ToLink Comic: Happy Link Year! ~Looking forward to this Year too~

31 December 15:00 ~ ToLink’s 6th in-game comic ~ Happy Link Year! Looking forward to this Year too~ is here! You can read the comic in the Comic Reader and get the event reward there. Event Reward 31 December 15:00 ~ 31 January 15:00 Get 3 Hero Stones when you finish reading the… Continue Reading →

January Event Lineup

31 Dec: Awakening Quest, New Comic 7 Jan: Mystic Arte Arena (repeat) 13 Jan: TV Anime Commemoration Event 1 17 Jan: Awakening Quest 21 Jan: Mystic Arte Arena (new) 23 Jan: VS Event 27 Jan: Tower of Trials 29 Jan: TV… Continue Reading →

New Year Gacha 2017

31 December 15:00 ~ 26 January 15:00 New 5*: Milla, Mikleo, Velvet, Eizen, Luca New 4*: Mao, Kongman (see in-game lineup for all characters) Milla and Mikleo can be True Awakened. Refer to the Awakening Quest: Happy New Year post for more details on the enhancements. 10-roll… Continue Reading →

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