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TOZ-X Anime (2nd Season) Commemoration Login Bonus Event

9 January 00:00 ~ 31 March 23:59 In commemoration of the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime, there will be a series of login bonuses given out throughout this period. Players will be able to receive a total of 20 Hero… Continue Reading →

ToLink Comic: Happy Link Year! ~Looking forward to this Year too~

31 December 15:00 ~ ToLink’s 6th in-game comic ~ Happy Link Year! Looking forward to this Year too~ is here! You can read the comic in the Comic Reader and get the event reward there. Event Reward 31 December 15:00 ~ 31 January 15:00 Get 3 Hero Stones when you finish reading the… Continue Reading →

January Event Lineup

31 Dec: Awakening Quest, New Comic 7 Jan: Mystic Arte Arena (repeat) 13 Jan: TV Anime Commemoration Event 1 17 Jan: Awakening Quest 21 Jan: Mystic Arte Arena (new) 23 Jan: VS Event 27 Jan: Tower of Trials 29 Jan: TV… Continue Reading →

Special Event: End of Year ~ New Year Garapon

29 December 15:00 ~ 6 January 15:00 The End of Year ~ New Year Garapon event will be here soon! Clear all 25 floors for a chance to receive the past events’ rewards, including God-Eater UR++ and Fire UR++ weapons,… Continue Reading →

End of Year ~ New Year Login Bonus Event

26 December 00:00 ~ 4 January 23:59 Merry Christmas to everyone! There will be an End of Year ~ New Year Login Bonus event coming soon! Login everyday in this period to receive miscellaneous rewards, with the prized reward being… Continue Reading →

Happy X’mas Gacha Update Notice

After maintenance on 22 December, the Happy X’mas Gacha has been reset and extended to 26 December 15:00! Like the previous time: First 10-roll will cost only 30 hero stones and comes with 90 Link Badges (instead of 150). 10-roll… Continue Reading →

Awakening Quest: Happy X’mas Special Request Campaign

1 December 00:00 ~ 25 December 23:59 The Special Requests Campaign for Awakening Quest: Happy X’mas~ has started! There will be 4 Special Request phases in this campaign, with the only the details of the first event released. The featured reward… Continue Reading →

X’mas Special Story Event

9 December 15:00 ~ 26 December 15:00 There will be a X’mas Special Story Event held in this period, and there are 10 stages in this story event. Clear all the story stages and receive a total of 5 Hero Stones.

X’mas Special Login Bonus Event

9 December 00:00 ~ 25 December 23:59 A X’mas Special Login Bonus Event will be coming soon! Login everyday in this period and receive 1 Hero Stone per day! (up till the 15th day) The 16th and 17th day (24… Continue Reading →

Main Quest Campaign

5 December 15:00 ~ 16 December (maintenance start time) There will be a Main Quest Campaign held soon! In this campaign, players may meet Gentleman mobs when they clear main story stages. (as shown below) Defeat the Gentleman mobs and receive… Continue Reading →

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