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Story Mode Update: Final Chapter

The final chapter, “Future of Bonds”, of the story mode is due to release on 24 March 2017, with new illustrations of important scenes and full voice acting. Zephyr’s Mystic Arte arena featuring Raging Gale, along with the rerun of… Continue Reading →

Compensation 16/3/17

There were issues with logging in and server access from 15:00 to 15:13. As apology for the inconvenience, all players who logged in at least once on 16 March (JST) will get 2 Hero Stones in their gift box.   Players who used a… Continue Reading →

3rd Anniversary Celebrations – Masterpost

3rd March 2017 marks the 3rd Anniversary of Tales of Link and there’s a bunch of events and campaign happening: Login Bonus: Receive a Character Present Badge on day 1 and 25 Garapon Keys over 25 days! Choose a 5* unit… Continue Reading →

Compensation 9/3/17

There was an emergency maintenance for the server issues from 20:12 to 23:05. As apology for the inconvenience, all users who logged in on 9 March (JST) will get 3 Hero Stones. Players who missed out the 9 March 3rd… Continue Reading →

Tales of Party Night Login Bonus

10 March 0:00 ~ 31 March 23:59 As part of the Tales of Party Night celebrations, a special login bonus, packed with prizes won by the seiyuu of Sara, Kana, Sorey and Mikleo in a darts game, will be given to… Continue Reading →

App version 3.10.1

App version 3.10.1 is now available in store. Minor bugs fixed. No maintenance required. Update will be compulsory from 18:00 JST on 7 March 2017.

3rd Anniversary – Special Garapon

3 March 0:00 ~ 3 April 0:00 A special Garapon event is being held in celebration of ToLink’s 3rd Anniversary. Anniversary Garapon can be found under Key Quests tab in Events. To play once, you need a 3rd Anniversary Garapon Key. You get… Continue Reading →

3rd Anniversary – Character Present Campaign

3 March 0:00 ~ 8 April 15:00 Tales of Link 3rd Anniversary Celebrations have officially begun! To thank players for their support over the years, all players will receive two 3rd Anniversary Character Exchange Badges: one from first login during… Continue Reading →

TOZ-X Anime (2nd Season) Commemoration Event 4

28 February 15:00 ~ 26 March 15:00 There are 4 continuous events to commemorate the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime. The fourth and last event features Phoenix: (28 February 15:00 ~ 26 March 15:00) This is a Main Quest… Continue Reading →

Compensation for the Closing of Velvet’s Arena

Compensation has been decided for the bug that happened during Velvet’s Arena. The summary of the notice is as such: The bug was caused by what remained of the feature testing for points multiplier in (the now defunct) Scouting Battle, that… Continue Reading →

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