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Idolish7: Key Quest

30 April 15:00 ~ 26 May 15:00 You will get a total of six i7 Keys from the Login Bonus. Each i7 Key will unlock a i7 Key Quest for 1 battle. One battle will drop 1 King Pudding Ticket. Each King Pudding… Continue Reading →

ToLink Comic: Tips for Tales of Link

30 April 15:00 onwards ToLink’s 10th in-game comic ~ Tips for Tales of Link ~ will be here soon! You can read the comic in the Comic Reader and get the event reward there. Event Reward 30 April 15:00 ~ 31 May 15:00 Get 3 Hero Stones when you finish reading the… Continue Reading →

Golden Week Login Bonus Campaign

29 April 0:00 ~ 7 May 23:59 Log in all 9 days during this period to receive one Guaranteed 5* Ticket (day 1) and a total of 10 hero stones!

Special Story Stage: Kana Special Story Prologue

This short story is the story prologue related to Kana’s birthday from last year. The rerun of the scenario quest begins on 19/04.

Exchange Centre Error

There has been an error in the (ToG) event items available in the Exchange Centre. To correct the mistake, R Spheres of Spear type and Magic type will be added to the Exchange Centre on 13 April.

Bless Gacha Update

4* Bless Fourier and Kurt have been added to the Bless Gacha. 4* Fourier (Water) Boosts Attack of Water units by 1.4x. 4* Kurt (Earth) Boosts Attack of Earth units by 1.4x.

Tales of Graces Login Bonus & Key Quest

To commemorate the coming Tales of Graces event, there will be a special login bonus and special key quests for a limited period. 1. Login Bonus Between 10 April 0:00 to 29 April 23:59, login for a total of 20… Continue Reading →

App Update v3.11.1

App version 3.11.1 will be available in store from 5 Apr 14:00. Auto Battle will now continue to next battle once toggled on, till you toggle it off. Minor bugs fix. No maintenance required. Update will be compulsory from on… Continue Reading →

April Character-Login-Bonus

There’s a special login bonus beginning in April. Log in everyday from 1 April to 30 April to receive a total of 20 April Badges, 7 Hero Stones, and 200,000 LP! April Badges can be used in Leonne’s Exchange Centre for a… Continue Reading →

ToLink Comic: Tales of School Chapter 1 – New Student Enrollment

1 April 15:00 onwards ToLink’s 9th in-game comic ~ New Student Enrollment ~ will be here soon! You can read the comic in the Comic Reader and get the event reward there. Event Reward 1 April 15:00 ~ 30 April 15:00 Get 3 Hero Stones when you finish reading the comic – it… Continue Reading →

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