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Sneak Preview: ToA Gachas & ToA-only event

There will be two ToA Step-Up gacha coming, featuring protagonists and antagonists respectively. They will include new Limited Edition 5* of Ion, Asch and Luke and the return of several Limited Edition ToA units. ToA units will receive Stats and Element (Fire) SE during the… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: Wind Element Gacha and Event

The coming element event is Wind-only, so an Element Collection Gacha: Wind is coming soon, with bonus similar to the previous Fire Element Gacha, including up to two guaranteed 5* Wind unit. Defeat Mikleo in the event to collect your… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: Tales of Orchestra

Here are the 5 orchestra units that will appear in Tales of Link this year. Sorey does not seem to be part of the gacha, and may be available in event or campaign. There will be a three step gacha, where the… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: ToV Gacha

There will be a gacha coming that features only Vesperia units, with the return of some limited edition costumed 5*s.

Sneak Preview

Coming gacha will feature costumed Tear, Leon, Elize and Veigue!

Sneak Preview: Fire-only event and Fire UR

In the coming Equipment event due to start on 24 Oct, players will face off Edna, who will drop fire-type UR weapons. There will also be a gacha that guarantees fire-type units, at least one 5* (up to 2 multi-pulls), and… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: Shura Territory & ToD2 Gacha

The coming Shura Territory rerun will feature Elraine where you can farm for UR bows (wind). ToD2 units were get Special Effect a ToD2 discount gacha will run featuring 5* Harold and 5* Nanaly.

Sneak Preview: Type Collection Gacha

Type Collection Gacha is coming soon together with the month’s Tower of Trials. There is a guaranteed 5* for each 10-roll and you can play each gacha up to twice.

Sneak Preview: MA Arena and ToZ Gacha

The coming Arena will feature the new arenas of Senel (earth), Pascal (fire), and the repeat arena of Ludger (wind). There will also be a ToZ Gacha with new 5* of Dezel and Zaveid, confirming that the month end’s Series Event… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: September Awakening

The coming Hero Fes Gacha will feature the debut of two Tales of Berseria units, both eligible for True Awakening. The gacha will also give out tickets for a Ticket Gacha featuring only Awakening-eligible units. A 10-pull will also get… Continue Reading →

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