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Idolish7 Collaboration Begins 30 April

According to an announcement from Idolish7, Tales of Link’s collaboration with Idolish7 will begin on 30th April. (I7 will begin the collaboration in June, featuring idols in Tales costumes)

Idolish 7 Collab Preview

More visual on the collaboration with Idolish 7 has been revealed during the Tales of Asteria anniversary live stream.

Sneak Preview: Earth Event & Gacha

You will be able to farm Earth UR weapons in the coming event featuring Zaveid. Special Effect will not take effect in Goddess mode. (Leader skills shown above are after Special Effect). The accompanying Step Up Gacha will feature Earth… Continue Reading →

Preview: Coming Updates

Several updates were announced in the Tales of Party Night live broadcast. The summary is as follows: Final chapter in the main scenario will be announced soon. A new main scenario will be announced soon. A new event, tentatively named “Damage… Continue Reading →

Preview: Tales of Link x Idolish 7 Collaboration

It has been announced that Tales of Link will have a Collaboration with Idolish 7 as part of 3rd Anniversary celebrations, featuring Luke, Eizen, Keele, Asbel and Jude.

Coming Soon: Tales of Party Night Free Gacha

Tales of Party Night celebrations will come with a Gacha featuring 4 cards: one each of Sara, Kana, Sorey and Mikleo (their portrait comes with a Tales of Link 3rd Anniversary Badge image). You get a free single pull and… Continue Reading →

Tales of Party Night

Viva-kun and his new niece new partner Vivako have revealed on 876TV that Tales of Link 3rd Anniversary and Tales of Zestiria X will be having a collaboration event named  Tales of Party Night. More details will be revealed on the nico… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: ToA Gachas & ToA-only event

There will be two ToA Step-Up gacha coming, featuring protagonists and antagonists respectively. They will include new Limited Edition 5* of Ion, Asch and Luke and the return of several Limited Edition ToA units. ToA units will receive Stats and Element (Fire) SE during the… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: Wind Element Gacha and Event

The coming element event is Wind-only, so an Element Collection Gacha: Wind is coming soon, with bonus similar to the previous Fire Element Gacha, including up to two guaranteed 5* Wind unit. Defeat Mikleo in the event to collect your… Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview: Tales of Orchestra

Here are the 5 orchestra units that will appear in Tales of Link this year. Sorey does not seem to be part of the gacha, and may be available in event or campaign. There will be a three step gacha, where the… Continue Reading →

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