13 December 15:00 ~ 25 December 15:00

Challenge Quest has returned! The towers are reset this time; If you have cleared it before, you can challenge for a repeat set of rewards, as well as for the new reward (UR armor).

NOTE:  The 3rd phase of Happy X’mas Special Requests is out, and the Challenge Quest event is included in part of fulfilling the requests. Check the details here.

  • Challenge Quest (CQ) is a series of 5 Towers (1 of each weapon type). Each Tower comes 5 “floors” from Entrance to 4F. You can only bring single-type party to challenge the Tower. (e.g. 9 Magic units to challenge Magic Tower; no restriction on friend unit). You can only clear each floor once.
  • If you’ve cleared all the 4Fs you can challenge the Demon King (Dhaos) with any party, where the reward is a UR+ upgrade item for CQ UR weapons and a new SR armor (see below for more details).
  • Rewards include SR and UR weapons, and LB Birds.


  • You can get a new SR armor after defeating Dhaos.
  • Defeating Dhaos unlocks another 5 stages, one for each weapon type. Winning each level gets you a upgrade item for the SR armor, which you can then use it to upgrade the armor 5 times to become UR++. (see below)


  • The UR++ equipment has a new trait – “50% chance to cut all elemental damage received by equipped unit by 40%”.


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