Compensation has been decided for the bug that happened during Velvet’s Arena. The summary of the notice is as such:

  • The bug was caused by what remained of the feature testing for points multiplier in (the now defunct) Scouting Battle, that was somehow triggered when applying Special Effects affecting only HP and Recovery stats of ToB units. (i.e. Kaiser system is dead but manages to haunt us from its grave)
  • There will be no points multiplier feature in Arena event, ever.
  • Velvet’s Arena will reopen on 4 March 2017 at 19:00 JST and end on 5 March 23:59 JST.
  • The accompanying gacha and Awakening Quest are extended for 7 days.
  • Points earned during this arena before it was closed, will be reset to 0.
  • Mana point rewards will not be reset.  You will begin Velvet Arena’s with those rewards you earned during the bugged Arena already claimed.
  • Special Effects will be applied to HP and Recovery only.

As compensation for the inconvenience and confusion caused, the compensation is as follow:

  1. Players who have logged in between 25 Feb 0:00 to 26 Feb 23:59 will receive Hero Stones x15 and Stamina Gels (S) x5.
  2. Players who used Stamina Gels between 25 Feb 19:00 to 25 Feb 20:15 will have their consumed Stamina Gels refunded.
  3. Players who earned 100,000 mana points or above during the bugged arena will receive Velvet’s Mystic Arte (R) and Hero Stones x2, due to a bug that affected the 100,000 mana point reward.

All compensation will be sent directly to the giftbox on 28 Feb

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