27 March 15:00 ~ 17 April 15:00

  1. You can challenge Zaveid with Earth-element units only. Friends and Guest units do not have to be of Earth-element and will not add to the required count even if they are.
  2. You will be guaranteed a full set of Earth-Element SR weapons in your giftbox when you clear 0F.
  3. Continue farming the stages (1F to 3F) to receive:
    – SR or UR Weapons (random weapon type)
    – SR or UR evolve materials
    – HN or R Spheres (random weapon type)
    As usual, higher difficulty has better drops.
  4. NOTE: UR weapons only drop on 3F. UR evo materials do not drop on 1F.
  5. All SR Weapons can be evolved to UR++. Limit break them 6 times for full potential.
  6. Hint! “These weapons will be useful in an event in April”.
  7. Goddess mode will be unlocked when you clear 3F. The first-clear bonus of Goddess mode is 5 hero stones. This is a no-continue stage. Goddess mode will not have any drops.

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