9 February 15:00 onwards

There are three new 5* characters added into the Power Awakening List: Colette, Kongwai and Sync.

You can refer to the in-game notice for the increase in stats – do note that the 5* stats listed are based on Level 79 and the 6* stats listed are based on Level 99.

For details of the Power-Awakened enhancements for all other 5* characters, please refer to past Power Awakening Lists in the Awakening Category.

Enhancements for the new characters are as follow:


  • Leader Skill: Boosts HP by 1.3x and Attack by 1.8x for Magic units, additional Attack Boost of 1.2x for star tiles
  • Skill: Changes circle and triangle and square tiles to star tiles (LC:40)
  • Trait 3: Attack stat +250
  • Trait 5: Very rarely adds 1 LC in battle


  • Leader Skill: Boosts Attack by 2.1x for all units, HP=90%
  • Trait 1: Increases the strength of both weapon and armor equipment by 5%
  • Trait 5: Attack stat increases by 20% when HP<30%


You can find the enhancement details for Sync here.

For the Awakening process, check this post.

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