If you are short of friends in ToLink, other than sending requests as the tutorial taught you, you can try posting an ‘ad’ in the forums.

Please make sure you do not spam.

1. Know what is your friendcode and where to find the forums. See #interface if you don’t.

2. Go to the forum for seeking friends:


2.1. Optionally, instead of accessing the via the ToLink app, which tends to crash the app, you can download the Lobi app for less crashing and an overall easier time with multiple images. After downloading Lobi, go back to ToLink app, choose to “Connect to Lobi” and the ToLink forums should auto populate your Lobi app.


3. Tap on the camera icon and upload screencap(s) of the party(s) you use most often. It’s recommended to remove all party members except the top 3, because prospective friends only need to see the combined stats of those 3. (Searching your own friendcode works as well). Browse existing postings to see examples.

4. In “Enter your message”, your screencap does most of the talking, so an English message of “please add me. [friendcode]” works fine. If you prefer though, you can use the templates below (replace square brackets):

[Friend code]

(Trans: Seeking friends. Silent requests are ok.)

This template is for Challenge Quest:

[Friend code]

(Trans: People who can help me in Sword-type Challenge Quest, please add me. I will remove myself once I’m done. Feel free to remove me (at your convenience) anytime.)

The kanji for each weapon type:

Sword, Spear, Bow, Hammer, Magic

5. Guidelines/tips

  • If you get replies in Japanese to your post and don’t know how to reply, I suggest you just reply what you can in English (even if it’s just “I don’t understand”). Usually they don’t, unless it’s a polite “I’ve added you”  or to tell you you missed out your FC or screencap.
  • Keep your FC as a string of numbers without dash/space. Most players just copy and paste the code.
  • If you were seeking temporary friends, do what you say and remove yourself when done.
  • You can similarly send requests to other postings, but if you can’t read them, I would advise against it. Some of them, especially longer postings, have taken the time to list what friends they are looking for (e.g. stats or specific leaders), and it’s only polite not to outright ignore it.
  • Know the time in Japan. It’s probably not as effective to post when it’s 3am in Japan.
  • Again, do not spam. My personal limit is no more than 2 times a day.

Basically please behave and don’t make me regret making this.

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