16 March after maintenance ~ 31 March 15:00

  • New LE 5*: Sara and Eleanor (both eligible for True Awakening)
  • 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed two 4* or above, 1~5 March Hero Fes Ticket, 150 Link Badges
  • Hint! Eleanor Mystic Arte coming soon!

Gacha Guide


March Hero Fes Ticket Gacha
16 March after maintenance ~ 7 April 15:00

Each play in the March Hero Fes Ticket Gacha costs 5 Tickets. This Ticket Gacha guarantees an Awakening-eligible (True/Power) 5* unit, with 25% chance of getting a unit eligible for True Awakening.


This month, you can also use 5 March Hero Fes Tickets to exchange for a 5* Allen (Magic). The exchange limit is one.


6* Sara

  • Leader Skill: 1.6x boost to all stats of all units. Reduces damage by 15% when HP is above 40%.
  • Arte: Turn-delay arte. 175%x2 damage to single target, 2 turns.
  • Trait 2: Chance of arte procurement +5%
  • Trait 4: (New) +20% Attack to herself when Allen is on an adjacent (up, down, left, or right) tile
  • Trait 5: (New) Link Boost. LC+9 when battle starts.

6* Eleanor

  • Trait 5: Link Boost. LC+5 when battle starts.

5* Allen

  • Leader Skill: 2.2x boost to Attack of all units.
  • Skill: (New) Boosts Attack of units of the same series as himself (ToLink) by 3x for 1 turn.
  • Arte: Shield-breaker arte. 120%x1 damage to single target, and breaks 2 Shields.
  • Trait 1: Reduces Dark and Light damage by 30%.
  • Trait 2: Link Boost. LC+3 when battle starts.
  • Trait 3: For every same series (ToLink) unit in the party , +5% to his own attack.
  • Trait 4: Chance of Aura +15%.
  • The 4th Boost – Series Boost is here! You can most likely stack it with the 3 existing Boosts. Update: after testing, Series Boost ‘overlaps’ with Blood Boost (cut % of HP to boost attack) for some reason, so you still cannot stack more than 3 Boosts.
  • Shield-breaker arte will be useful for the coming Leonne Goddess Mode.
  • If you got this Anniversary Sara, better make sure you have Allen!

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