14 February 15:00 ~ 27 February 15:00

  • New LE 5*: Zelos and Cheria (both eligible for True Awakening)
  • 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed two 4* or above, 1~5 February Hero Fes Ticket Gacha, 150 Link Badges

5* Asbel, Reala, Kratos and Rita (all eligible for True Awakening) will not be included in this gacha.

Gacha Guide

February Hero Fes Ticket Gacha
14 February 15:00 ~ 6 March 15:00

Each play in the February Hero Fes Ticket Gacha costs 5 Tickets. This Ticket Gacha guarantees an Awakening-eligible (True/Power) 5* unit, with 25% chance of getting a unit eligible for True Awakening.


This month, you can also use 3 February Hero Fes Ticket to exchange for a 5* chocolate-holding Sara or Kana. They each come with a vamp/turn-delay arte, respectively, as well as a Link Boost trait (LC+3). They also come with Valentine-related voice clips.

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