After you clear the scenario quest (chapter 4), you will unlock the farming stages.

  • Lessons with Keele
  • Lessons with Luke
  • Search for Idol Candidates! (Normal to Expert)

i7 Special Effect will take effect in the above stages.

The Lessons quests are easy stages to help newbies to farm equipment spheres (Keele’s stage) and exp for player rank (Luke’s stage).

All the farming stages have a chance to drop King Pudding Badges, for use in Leonne’s Exchange Centre, or 5* i7 Jude, or both. The drop rate is shown here:

The last line shows the symbols of drop rate in decreasing order (i.e. Star has the highest chance of drop, and the rightmost hiragana text means no chance).

Note that:

  • Goddess mode opens on 10 May 15:00. You need to beat Expert mode to unlock it. i7 Special Effect will not take effect here. Goddess mode has no loot. First-clear reward is 5 hero stones.
  • Search for Idol Candidates!: Hard, Expert and Goddess modes are no-continue stages.
  • For Hard mode, you need to survive a number of turns to win.
  • For Expert mode, you need to clear the stage within a number of turns or you lose.

Leonne’s Exchange Centre

King Pudding Badges can be used to exchange for:

  • 5* i7 Jude (maximum: 5)
  • 6 different i7 equipment (SR)
  • 6 different materials to limit break i7 equipment
  • LB Birds
  • Elemental Rings
  • etc

The exchange rate is not announced. Please check the Exchange Centre when the event has begun.

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