30 April 15:00 ~ 26 May 15:00

You will get a total of six i7 Keys from the Login Bonus.

Each i7 Key will unlock a i7 Key Quest for 1 battle. One battle will drop 1 King Pudding Ticket.

Each King Pudding Ticket can be exchanged for 1 idol unit in the Exchange Centre. There are only 2 copies of each idol to be exchanged.

With 3 copies (a 3rd copy is available from Scenario Quest) you can max limit break an idol to level 99.


(From left to right in above image)

These units are unvoiced.

Kujo Tenn (Sword)

  • Trait 1: LC +2 at start of battle

Nikaido Yamato (Hammer)

  • Leaderskill: 2.2x Attack boost to whole party when HP is above 50%

Yuki (Magic)

  • Trait 1: Gain extra 1,000 LP when you win a battle
  • Trait 4: Chance of aura +3%

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