To better wrap up the 6* Idolish7 information posts and clear up some misconceptions some players seem to have: 6* Jude is accessible to everyone. Just very tedious.

This short guide is for those don’t have i7 unit or 6* Damage-Reducing Leaders, or simply don’t want to farm Hard and above for reasons.

You need 7 copies to max limit break and his Badge to awaken.

  1. Clearing the scenario quests gets you 1 copy.
  2. Normal gives you 3 tokens (actually King Pudding badges). You need 240 tokens for one Jude in Leonne’s Exchange. 5 copies of Jude (maximum in Exchange) = 400x Normal. More if you choose to do Easy mode instead.
  3. To claim his Badge from Request (“i7 Request #2”), you need to clear any i7 event stages 150x. If you finished step 2, step 3 is done.
    If you have 20LC tile-change and can stack link boost to at least 60LC you can start the Normal stage with 20LC and with high enough LS, OHKO with a good MA.
  4. You have 6 copies now, and although the drop rate is very low in Normal mode, in 400 battles you probably have gotten at least one Jude to drop (I have in first 50). If not, keep farming.
  5. Enjoy your 6* Jude.

(Request #3: Clear Hard mode 150x gives you one copy of 5* Jude, not the awakening badge.)

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