4 January 15:00 ~ 6 January 15:00

The Lucky Pouch gacha is here!

There will be 10 True Awakened characters returning in this gacha and they are: Judith, Ludger, Jude, Alisha, Luke, Cheria, Asbel, Reala, Kratos and Rita (the first 6 of them are past LE costumed 5*) as well as 22 other LE costumed 5*s (see in-game lineup for all characters).

  • 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed one 4* or above, 150 Link Badges and 1 Lucky Pouch gacha ticket
  • If you do single rolls, you will be able to get 10 Link Badges per roll

Lucky Pouch Gacha

4 January 15:00 ~ 13 January 15:00

There are 3 types of lucky pouch gachas you can play with your tickets as shown above – Plum (left), Bamboo (center) and Pine (right).

– True Awakened characters are not included in the Plum gacha lineup
– If you get a True Awakened character, you will get the him/her as an already maxed LB to Level 99 unit.
– You can get the True Badges of the True Awakened Characters via exchanging for them with the Shishimai Packets from the ongoing Awakening Quest: Happy New Year.

Plum Gacha
– Tickets needed: 1
– Guarantees one 5*
– Bonus: 100K LP and one 5* LB Bird (random weapon type)
– You can only play this gacha 2 times.

Bamboo Gacha
– Tickets needed: 3
– Guarantees two 5*
– Bonus: 300K LP, one 5* Eternal Bird and one Goddess Potion for upgrading UR MA
– You can only play this gacha once.

Pine Gacha
– Tickets needed: 5
– Guarantees two 5* – one of the 5*s will be guaranteed to be a True Awakened Character.
– Bonus: 500K LP, two 5* Eternal Bird and two Goddess Potions for upgrading UR MA
– You can only play this gacha once.

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