There will be maintenance on 9 February 11:00 ~ 15:00 JST to change the Power Awakening Badges from character-type to weapon-type.

After maintenance:

  1. All characters that can be Power Awakened will need the Power Badges from the weapon-type they belong to to complete the Awakening Process
  2. The number of badges needed to Power Awaken a character will remained unchanged.
  3. e.g. 5* Luke and 5* Zelos are Sword units, hence they will need to use Sword Power Badges to be Power Awakened, whereas 5* Mikleo and 5* Elize are Magic units and they will need Magic Power Badges instead.
  4. All Character Power Awakening Badges in players’ inventory and giftbox will be automatically changed to their respective weapon-type Power Badges.
  5. The Power Badges dropped from current and future Awakening Quests, and exchangeable from Leonne’s Exchange Centre will become weapon-type Power Badges as well.
  6. True Badges will still remain as character-type.


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