There will be a maintenance on 16 March 11:00 to 15:00 JST for the update to app version 3.11.0, minor bugs will be fixed and changes will be made to the user interface.

UI changes:

  1. On Party Edit screen and pre-Battle screen, you will be able to see the total Link Boost of the units in the party, displayed beside the total LC. It will only count unlocked traits, and will include Friend/Adventurer/Mercenary units’ LB, if any.

Other changes

  1. Character, Bless and Equipment inventories are each expanded by another 100.
  2. App Icon change.

Bug Fixes

  • From 1 March, there has been a bug where TA Sorey could costume change into Armatized Sorey. This will be fixed. Any such costume changed Sorey will be reset to default costume after maintenance.
  • Other minor bugs

Due to the maintenance, Hero Fes: Bitter & Sweet Gacha will be extended to 28 Feb 15:00.

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