There will be a maintenance on 27 December 11:00 to 15:00 JST for the update to app version 3.9.0, minor bugs will be fixed and changes will be made to the user interface.

Details of the UI changes:

1. Friend/Adventurer

  • You will be able to make use of Adventurer (non-Friend)’s Leader-Skill
  • You will see 4 Adventurers on your list each time instead of 3
  • Previously, you only see Adventurers around your player Rank. This restriction will be removed

2. Equipment

  • On a unit’s equipment page, you will be able to make changes to both equipment, instead of one at a time
  • You will be able to directly take an equipment that is equipped on another unit
  • Equipment that can be limit broken will have their limit break status shown

3. Exchange Center

  • Tabs “Regular”, “Event”, and “Awakening” will be added to the exchange center for ease of use

4. Mystic Arte equipping

  • When trying to equip Mystic Arte, the one(s) you can equip on the unit will light up

5. Character Voice

  • Character voice will be adjusted (BGM and main scenario voices will not be adjusted till later updates)

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