This page will contain links to guides and summaries that should help you to get started and have an overview of how the game runs.

  • Getting the game
  • How to re-roll/give yourself referrals
    To re-roll means you reset an account till you get something good from the gacha. For some (non-paying) players it takes many months to get a good 5* card. If it’s likely to bother you, consider this step. Referrals can get you up to 20 hero stones.
  • Account Exchange List
    Post here to trade/giveaway starter accounts.
  • Friendcode List (English)
    Post/add Friendcodes here.
  • Friend-seeking forum (Japanese)
    You can use this quick guide to seek Friends in the Japanese ToLink forum.
  • Understanding the Gacha
    Gacha is the main way for beginners to get character cards. I prefer using 50-stone at once for the nicer bonus. However, if you find your deck too weak, go for the 5-stone bonus each time a new gacha appears for at least a 4* character.
    My recommended milestone: if your party can safely beat Unknown/Mania mode in VS events, gacha’s 4* doesn’t add much value to you and it’s time to sit back and save your stones for a gacha that has a guaranteed 5* or one that really interests you.
  • Understanding the interface
  • Hero Stones
    You need them to buy stamina gels, play gacha and continue a stage you lost – in order of most practical to least. Try not to use more than 1 stone to continue to stage unless you really need the stage cleared/its reward. Otherwise one gel can usually give you multiple retries at the stage.There are a few ways to get them:
    1. Buy them. You need a compatible credit card or Japanese giftcards of iTunes/GooglePlay.
    2. Login bonus
    3. Clearing each set of ‘New’ stages
    4. Getting “Super Success” (random) in Lippi Dispatch Mission
    5. Collecting mana points in monthly Arena events
    6. Doing referrals – up to 15 (seems down infinitely)
  • Characters
    You get them from:
    1. Gacha
    2. Events (as drops or rewards)
    3. Lippi Dispatch mission (1* to 5* – the older cards – are available, at their respective rates)
    4. Login bonus (rare)
    Beginner’s tip: Collect multiple 3* during VS event to break their level limit cap. When you can beat Unknown/Mania, collect multiple 4*. A maxed out VS 4* (Lv90) has stats close to the weaker 5*.
  • Enhancing Character
    1. Level them up using LP. Main source of LP: (Metal) Dark Wings Key dungeons
    2. Break their level limit
    3. Increasing their stats using herbs (and equivalent)
    4. Unlock their traits
    Each character card has 2-4 traits that start grey and are useless. If they accumulate enough kills, a trait becomes blue and only then becomes active.
  • Making a Good Party
  • Equipment
    1. Weapon Key dungeons
    2. Events that rewards special EQ – the stages are usually not difficult and rewards only one limited-time EQ with unique trait
    3. Make SR++ weapons – these events recur often. Beginners should farm all the SR they can. The eventual goal is SR++. These events appear to have ceased around late-2015 and you can now forge UR weapons during recent events instead.
    4. Hyakurenki – they are excellent SR at high levels if you find time to farm them to max Limit Break  (+99)
    5. Arena & Kaiser rewards – you can get SR or UR weapons depending on the reward list
    6. Challenge Quest – for advanced players, you can get the strongest UR and SR here
    Read about breaking level limit of EQ at this link and fusing costs at this link
    Tip: Keep a set of elemental weapons for bosses with element.
  • Bless
  • Requests
    Complete them for rewards
  • Boss strategies
  • Player Rank
    If you have been looking to rank up, it is best to grind in the stages with Exp x2 bonus (rotates daily) in the maps you are comfortable with. Occasionally, ToLink holds Exp x2 campaigns that stacks with the existing Exp x2 maps. (Trait Key dungeons also give good exp but they are best used to farm traits, not exp).
    You get a full stamina bar when you rank up. Beginners especially should make good use of it.
    Having a high stamina bar means you use up less stamina gels (in ranking events especially), which is the main benefit of a high rank.
  • Events
    These are the ones that repeat often
    1. Mystic Arte Arena – it’s a twice-a-month ranking amongst players to get the Mystic Arte equip
    My recommended milestone: It’s better to just collect all Mana point rewards instead of trying to rank top 1000, if you can’t consistently and safely clear Mania mode. Use the rewards to get stronger before you try to rank higher.
    2. VS events – as mentioned above, you farm 3* and 4* characters. You should always try to read the drop rate table in-game
    3. Weapon Forging events – as mentioned above, you farm and evolve multiple SR or UR EQ
    4. Scenario stages – easy stages. Clear to enjoy the story and rewards.
    5. Series-Only events – you are restricted to challenge the stages with a certain number (up to 9) of units of a particular series. Rewards are usually 5* characters.
    6. Challenge Quest – you are restricted to challenge the stages with a single-type (e.g. sword) team. Sometimes, the restriction is a single-element instead.
    7. Battle God Hell/Shura Territory – challenge Tales of villains to get 5* units of the UR version of hyakurenki (100 to max limit break). The main challenge is the status ailments the bosses inflict.
    8. Kaiser System was launched in early 2016 but taken down for bugs and improvisation.
  • Story mode
    Also known as: main quest. In general, special events come first since they are limited time. But where you have leftover stamina after events, try to clear the story mode once to unlock certain stages, and get hero stones. Make sure you’re trained up before facing the final bosses in each map. There are currently 17 maps, released in 4 parts.
    It is also good to replay for trait unlocking, exp, hyakurenki etc, especially if there is a story mode campaign going on (look out for announcements).
  • Unison Arte

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