23 December 15:00 ~ 25 December 23:59

The upcoming Mystic Arte Arena event will feature the repeat arenas of Cheria (wind), Luke (fire) and Milla (earth).

The significant qualifying ranks and rewards (partial) for each arena:

  • Top 2000: Advance to the main arena for UR MA
  • Top 1000: 4* character of the arena
  • Top 500: Goddess Potion for upgrading UR MA
  • Top 100: One 5* character of the arena
  • Top 50: One 5* Eternal Bird
  • Top 10: Additional one 5* character, one 5* Eternal Bird, and one 5* Guaranteed Ticket
  • First Place: Additional one 5* character, and one 5* Eternal Bird

You can refer to the previous Mystic Arte Arena event to refresh yourself on the new updates to the rewards list and arena itself.

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