25 February 19:00 ~ 26 February 23:59

The upcoming Mystic Arte Arena event will feature the new arena of Velvet (fire).

This is a single arena and part of the pre-anniversary celebrations, so differences are marked in red.

Community Prize

If the combined mana points of all players hit a certain target, extra rewards will be given to everyone who participated in the arena.

  • 10 billion: 4* Grimoirh Bless x1, Hero Stones x5
  • 15 billion : 4* Velvet Bless x1, 5* Eternal Bird x1

4* Velvet Bless (Support)

  • Light-type
  • Recovery up 1.1x when HP is below 50%

4* Grimoirh Bless (Defense)

  • Dark-type
  • Dark units’ HP up 1.1x

Special Effect

ToB units at 5* or above will get 1.5x boost to their HP and Recovery stats during this arena.

The significant qualifying ranks and rewards (partial) for each arena:

  • Top 4000: Advance to the main arena for UR MA
  • Top 2000: 4* character of the arena
  • Top 1000: Goddess Potion for upgrading UR MA
  • Top 200: One 5* character of the arena
  • Top 100: One 5* Eternal Bird
  • Top 20: Additional one 5* character, one 5* Eternal Bird, and one 5* Guaranteed Ticket
  • Second Place: Additional one 5* character, and one 5* Eternal Bird
  • First Place: Additional one 5* character

You can refer to the previous Mystic Arte Arena event to refresh yourself on the new updates to the rewards list and arena itself.

We’ve made this video as a simple guide to help players clear the Conquerer’s Den and we hope that you will find this useful in the upcoming Mystic Arte Arena!

Conquerer’s Den (Water) Example Video

Party Units
– Power Awakening units: 6 (including Raven with LC gauge +8 unlocked)
– True Awakening units: 3

As seen in the video, the first batch of King Mana mobs will cut 230LC from the LC guage, so the popular strategy is to have >230 in LC gauge using the units mentioned above.

The details of how LC gauge can be boosted can be found here: Tips for Tower of Trials (October)

This is the last of three Pre-Anniversary events.

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