22 December (after maintenance) ~ 30 December 15:00

  • Pickup Characters: Luke, Milla, Cheria
  • There will be a new LE X’mas Costume 5* Milla in this gacha, as well as 10 returning LE costumed 5* – 3 for Luke,  4 for Milla and 3 for Cheria (check the in-game announcement or Gacha Lineup to see details)
  • If you get a 5*, it is guaranteed to be a Pickup Character
  • The First 10-roll will only cost 25 Hero Stones.
  • 10-roll Bonus: 11 cards, guaranteed at least one 4* Pickup Character or above, 2-5 (random) X’mas Costume Gacha Tickets, 150 Link Badges
  • Sidenotes: If you do single rolls, you will be able to get 10 Link Badges per roll. The First 10-roll will only give out 75 Link Badges.

X’mas Costume Ticket Gacha


22 December (after maintenance) ~ 6 January 15:00

  • To play this gacha, you need 5 tickets per roll
  • This gacha will guarantee you one 5* X’mas Costume character – the X’mas Costume Pickup Characters (including the New LE 5* X’mas Milla) and the rest shown above

Gacha Guide

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