Tales of Link is implementing Awakening, where you can upgrade selected 5* characters to become 6* with the some or all of the following enhanced:

  • Stats
  • Leaderskill
  • Skill
  • Arte
  • Traits

There are two types of Awakening: Power Awakening and True Awakening. A character can be eligible for only one of the two and it is pre-determined.

Power Awakening will enhance the character as listed above.

True Awakening, on top of enhancing the character, will give the character a new portrait with background. If you set the character to be your Leader or Sub-Leader, the background will also show on your My Page.

T-awakening example

Awakened 6*

  • Basic level: 99
  • Number of limit-break*: 4
  • Level after max limit-break: 119
  • Maximum herb per stat: 99
  • LC gauge**: 20 (P. Awakening), 25 (T. Awakening)
  • Will carry over the kill count, arte use count and herb used.

* To limit-break, you need the same 6* character or a 6* limit-break fodder (coming soon)

** LC gauge may be subject to change in future

How to Awaken

  1. The eligible 5* character has to be at level 99.
  2. Collect the required awakening materials from Awakening Quests. The materials may also be given out as login bonus or prizes in other events and campaigns.
  3. Select “Awaken Unit” in the Character menu. This will use up LP. Any equipment/Mystic Arte equipped on the character will remain on the Awakened 6*. Awakened 6* will be at level 1.

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