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Awakening Quest: Happy New Year

31 December 15:00 ~ 18 January 15:00 There will be twenty three 5* characters that you can farm awakening materials for in this event, with 2 new characters added to the True Awakening list. The 2 new characters that have been added… Continue Reading →

ToLink Comic: Happy Link Year! ~Looking forward to this Year too~

31 December 15:00 ~ ToLink’s 6th in-game comic ~ Happy Link Year! Looking forward to this Year too~ is here! You can read the comic in the Comic Reader and get the event reward there. Event Reward 31 December 15:00 ~ 31 January 15:00 Get 3 Hero Stones when you finish reading the… Continue Reading →

January Event Lineup

31 Dec: Awakening Quest, New Comic 7 Jan: Mystic Arte Arena (repeat) 13 Jan: TV Anime Commemoration Event 1 17 Jan: Awakening Quest 21 Jan: Mystic Arte Arena (new) 23 Jan: VS Event 27 Jan: Tower of Trials 29 Jan: TV… Continue Reading →

New Year Gacha 2017

31 December 15:00 ~ 26 January 15:00 New 5*: Milla, Mikleo, Velvet, Eizen, Luca New 4*: Mao, Kongman (see in-game lineup for all characters) Milla and Mikleo can be True Awakened. Refer to the Awakening Quest: Happy New Year post for more details on the enhancements. 10-roll… Continue Reading →

Special Event: End of Year ~ New Year Garapon

29 December 15:00 ~ 6 January 15:00 The End of Year ~ New Year Garapon event will be here soon! Clear all 25 floors for a chance to receive the past events’ rewards, including God-Eater UR++ and Fire UR++ weapons,… Continue Reading →

Tips for Tower of Trials (December)

Here are some tips collected from players who have cleared the Tower for December for floor 29. For earlier floors, please refer to this post. Floor 29: Tytree Tytree HP: 200m Element: None Targets: None Status: None Style: Tytree attacks every turn, but only hits for 2K… Continue Reading →

Tower of Trials

27 December 15:00 ~ 9 January 15:00 The monthly Tower of Trials event is back! 1 new floor has been added – the upcoming Tower will have 29 floors in total this time. No hero stones can be used to continue stage. The stamina needed for certain floors… Continue Reading →

Marker Collection Gacha

27 December 15:00 ~ 9 January 15:00 There will be 2 Gachas – a Triangle tile gacha and a Star tile gacha. The Pickup Characters from each gacha will have Skills that are only focused on the triangle and star tiles… Continue Reading →

End of Year ~ New Year Login Bonus Event

26 December 00:00 ~ 4 January 23:59 Merry Christmas to everyone! There will be an End of Year ~ New Year Login Bonus event coming soon! Login everyday in this period to receive miscellaneous rewards, with the prized reward being… Continue Reading →

Happy X’mas Gacha Update Notice

After maintenance on 22 December, the Happy X’mas Gacha has been reset and extended to 26 December 15:00! Like the previous time: First 10-roll will cost only 30 hero stones and comes with 90 Link Badges (instead of 150). 10-roll… Continue Reading →

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