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Maintenance for App Update to v3.11.0

There will be a maintenance on 16 March 11:00 to 15:00 JST for the update to app version 3.11.0, minor bugs will be fixed and changes will be made to the user interface. UI changes: On Party Edit screen and pre-Battle screen,… Continue Reading →

3rd Anniversary Celebrations – Masterpost

3rd March 2017 marks the 3rd Anniversary of Tales of Link and there’s a bunch of events and campaign happening: Login Bonus: Receive a Character Present Badge on day 1 and 25 Garapon Keys over 25 days! Choose a 5* unit… Continue Reading →

3rd Anniversary – VS Leonne

18 March 15:00 ~ 3 April 15:00 Challenge Leonne to get Gold and Silver Certificates (Certs). Weapon spheres are also part of the loot. There are 6 stages from Easy to Ultimate where you can farm for Certs. The 7th stage: Goddess mode, is unlocked… Continue Reading →

ToZ-X Special – VS Phoenix

16 March after maintenance ~ 26 March 15:00 Challenge the stages with Phoenix. Different stages require different number of Phoenix’s. Friends and Guest units do not have to be Phoenix and will not add to the required count or gain… Continue Reading →

Compensation 9/3/17

There was an emergency maintenance for the server issues from 20:12 to 23:05. As apology for the inconvenience, all users who logged in on 9 March (JST) will get 3 Hero Stones. Players who missed out the 9 March 3rd… Continue Reading →

Tales of Party Night Login Bonus

10 March 0:00 ~ 31 March 23:59 As part of the Tales of Party Night celebrations, a special login bonus, packed with prizes won by the seiyuu of Sara, Kana, Sorey and Mikleo in a darts game, will be given to… Continue Reading →

Mystic Arte Arena

11 March 19:00 ~ 12 March 23:59 The upcoming Mystic Arte Arena event will feature the new arena of Sorey (Water) and the repeat arenas of Judith (Wind) and Cless (Fire). This arena features the second Mystic Arte of Sorey: Resshin Jinraiga. At UR++, Resshin… Continue Reading →

Mystic Arte Arena Gacha

10 March 15:00 ~ 17 March 15:00 New 5*: Cless Pickup Characters: Cless, Sorey and Judith There will be 5 returning LE costumed 5* – 3 for Judith, 1 for Cless and 1 for Sorey (check the in-game announcement or Gacha Lineup to see details) If you get a 5*, it… Continue Reading →

Preview: Coming Updates

Several updates were announced in the Tales of Party Night live broadcast. The summary is as follows: Final chapter in the main scenario will be announced soon. A new main scenario will be announced soon. A new event, tentatively named “Damage… Continue Reading →

Preview: Tales of Link x Idolish 7 Collaboration

It has been announced that Tales of Link will have a Collaboration with Idolish 7 as part of 3rd Anniversary celebrations, featuring Luke, Eizen, Keele, Asbel and Jude.

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