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Tales of Graces Gacha Bug & Compensation

There was a bug in the displayed rates of 5* units in Step 2 of the ToG gacha that claimed that each 5* unit had an appearance rate of 3.226%, when it was not true. The corrected actual rates are in… Continue Reading →

Maintenance for App Update to v3.12.0

There will be a maintenance on 28 April 11:00 to 17:00 JST for the update to app version 3.12.0. Minor bugs will be fixed.

Mystic Arte Arena Gacha

22 April 15:00 ~ 28 April 15:00 This gacha comes with guaranteed 5* and Stamina Gels. Details are as follow: New 5*: None Pickup Characters: Rita, Eleanor, and Rutee There will be 3 returning LE costumed 5* for Rita, and one True Awakening-eligible… Continue Reading →

Mystic Arte Arena Event

22 April 19:00 ~ 23 April 23:59 The upcoming Mystic Arte Arena event will feature the repeat arena of Rita (earth), and new arenas of Rutee (water) and Eleanor (wind). The significant qualifying ranks and rewards (partial) for each arena: Top 2000: Advance… Continue Reading →

Type Collection Gacha

19 April 15:00 ~ 30 April 15:00 There will be 5 gachas, one for each weapon type Every gacha will only give characters of its weapon type (e.g. if you do a 10-roll in sword gacha, you will get 10 sword-type units) First two 10-roll bonus for each gacha: Guaranteed… Continue Reading →

Tower of Trials

19 April 15:00 ~ 8 May 15:00 The (not-so) monthly Tower of Trials event is back! The upcoming Tower will remain as 30 floors in total this time. No hero stones can be used to continue stage. The stamina needed for the Tower will be… Continue Reading →

Special Story Stage: Kana Special Story Prologue

This short story is the story prologue related to Kana’s birthday from last year. The rerun of the scenario quest begins on 19/04.

Idolish 7 Collab Preview

More visual on the collaboration with Idolish 7 has been revealed during the Tales of Asteria anniversary live stream.

Awakening Quest

14 April 15:00 ~ 9 May 15:00 There are 2 new characters added to the True Awakening list: 5* Guy 5* Rita Stages There will be 7 stages in this Awakening Quest: The first 4 stages range from Easy to Hell-or-Heaven (higher difficulty = higher drop… Continue Reading →

Hero Fes Gacha

14 April 15:00 ~ 5 May 15:00 New LE 5*: Magilou!Rita, Rokurou!Guy (both eligible for True Awakening) First 10-roll only costs 30 Hero Stones. 10-roll bonus: Guaranteed two 4* or above, 1~5 April Hero Fes Ticket, 150 Link Badges Gacha Guide April Hero Fes Ticket Gacha… Continue Reading →

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