Several updates were announced in the Tales of Party Night live broadcast. The summary is as follows:

  1. Final chapter in the main scenario will be announced soon.
  2. A new main scenario will be announced soon.
  3. A new event, tentatively named “Damage Ranking” will be introduced to Tales of Link.
  4. Collaboration with Idolish7.
  5. New Unison Artes: Sara & Sorey, and Kana & Mikleo. The latter is confirmed to be part of the login bonus give from 10 March 2017 onwards.
  6. There was a poll held for the costumes the audience would like to see in Tales of Link. Options included: Police style, Punk Style, Doctor/Nurse, Band Style, and more.

Momugi Tip: What we can guess of the Damage Ranking event is you will earn rewards for reaching certain ‘goal’ damage, so if you don’t have your Dead-or-Alive units, and the tile/type/hp-cut boosters yet, start collecting them!


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