10 April 15:00 ~ 30 April 15:00

  1. Challenge the stages with Tales of Graces units. Different stages require different number of ToG units. Friends and Guest units do not have to be of ToG and will not add to the required count even if they are.
  2. There are 8 stages from Prologue to Goddess. Prologue has no requirements. Easy mode requires at least 3 ToG units to challenge, Hard and Unknown 6 units and finally Evil and above 9 units.
  3. “To the Future” and Goddess mode are no-continue stages.
  4. Use the Series-filter in Characters to see the eligible ToG(f) units you own.
  5. Goddess Mode will be unlocked after clearing Ultimate mode, and only available from 17 April 15:00. Special Effects do not take effect in Goddess Mode.
  6. Clearing the one-time stage Prologue will get you:
  • 5* Richard x1
  • Set of 3 SR weapons x1 (see UR Weapons below)
  • Asbel R MA
  • Cheria R MA

The various rewards of this event are as follow:

6* Richard

The 5* Richard (Spear) you can receive in this event can be True Awakened to 6*.

Requirements for True Awakening:

  • You need to max Limit Break 5* Richard six times (7 copies). Birds cannot be used.
  • Earn his Awakening material – Noble Knight Badge.

Ways to get 5* Richard:

  • One copy from clearing Prologue
  • One copy from completing ToG Requests (see below)
  • Five copies from Leonne’s Exchange Centre
  • Unlimited copies from farming Unknown, Evil and Ultimate modes

Awakening Material Noble Knight Badge

  • You only get one from clearing the one-time stage “To the Future”.

Therefore, each player can have one 6* Richard, and multiples of 5* Richard.

Notable Unit Info

5* Richard

  • Leaderskill: 2.0x Attack boost to all units when HP is above 50%
  • Skill: 2.0x Attack boost all ToG units for 1 turn (35LC)
  • Trait 4: Chance of arte procurement +1%

6* Richard

  • Leaderskill: 2.5x Attack boost to all units when HP is above 50%
  • Skill: 3.5 Attack boost all ToG units for 1 turn (28LC)
  • Arte: Turn-delay. 300%x1 damage to all targets and delay by 1 turn.
  • Trait 4: Chance of arte procurement +4%
  • Trait 5: LC+3 at start of battle
Special Effects

All ToG units will turn into earth-type (element SE) and receive a boost of 1.1x to 1.5x to their stats (stats SE) depending on rarity.

The new Malik and Hubert will get Leader Skill SE during this event (except Goddess mode). Their SE-LS will boost all units HP by 2.5x, Attack by 3.0x, Recovery by 1.6x, and reduce all damage by 15%.

Note that Friends’ units do not activate SE.

Leonne’s Exchange Centre

Farm the stages for Nameless Seeds and Blooming Flowers. These items are used in the Exchange Centre. The drop rate is shown here:

The last line shows the symbols of drop rate in decreasing order (i.e. Star has the highest chance of drop, and the rightmost hiragana text means no chance).

“To the Future” and Goddess mode do not drop anything.

Exchange List

The Seeds and Flowers can be used to exchange for:

  • 5* Richard
  • G Steel Sword (SR)
  • G Slow Knife (SR)
  • G Wristlet (SR)
  • ToG Weapon Evolve Material G-sphere
  • LB Birds
  • Elemental Rings
  • etc

The exchange rate is not announced. Please check the Exchange Centre when the event has begun.

UR Weapons

The SR weapons you receive from Prologue and Exchange Centre can be evolved up to UR++ using the G-sphere. Each weapon can be Limit Broken up to 6 times.

Traits of the weapons at UR++:

  • Future – Steel Sword++ (Earth Spear) – Reduces wind damage by 20%
  • Future – Slow Knife++ (Water Shoot) – Attack up 20% when equipped unit is the last link in a 4-Link or higher
  • Future – Wristlet++ (Fire Hammer) – Attack up 15% when HP is above 50%


  1. Clear any ToG stage 3x: Stamina Gel (S) x1


  1. Clear ToG Ultimate stage 10x: Eternal Bird x1


  1. Clear ToG Ultimate  stage 20x: 5* Richard  x1
  2. Do 30 million damage in ToG event’s Ultimate mode: Hero Stones x3
  • If you have Dead-or-Alive Sophie, make sure you grab 6* Richard for that 3.5x boost and also Sophie’s UR (or any) Mystic Arte if you haven’t! Combined with Challenge Quest UR Hammers, this setup will achieve one of the highest damage in the game.


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