To commemorate the coming Tales of Graces event, there will be a special login bonus and special key quests for a limited period.

1. Login Bonus

Between 10 April 0:00 to 29 April 23:59, login for a total of 20 days to receive all of the following:

  • 3* Asbel and Cheria
  • 22 Hero Stones
  • 20 ToG Keys
  • 20 Stamina Gel (S) (2nd day onwards)
  • One 5* Earth Support Bless (10th day)
    Boosts HP of all Earth units by 1.05x

2. ToG Key Quests
10 April 15:00 ~ 30 April 15:00

During this period, one ToG Key will unlock two stages for your choosing:

  1. Training with Hubert
    Each kill in this stage counts as 30 kills for trait unlocking.
  2. Training with Asbel
    This stage gives you high exp (for player rank).

One ToG Key allows you to clear any of the above two stages, for a total of 3 times (e.g. Hubert x2 + Asbel x1), before the stages become locked again.

All unused ToG Keys will disappear when the event ends.

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