6 February 15:00 ~ 20 February 15:00

  1. Challenge the stages with Abyss units. Different stages require different number of Abyss units. Friends and Guest units do not have to be Abyss and will not add to the required count even if they are.
  2. Use the Series-filter in Characters to see the eligible ToA units you own.
  3. All ToA cards will turn into fire-type (element SE) and receive a boost of 1.1x to 1.5x to their stats (stats SE) depending on rarity.
  4. There are 7 stages from Easy to Ultimate (New). Easy mode and Normal mode requires at least 3 ToA units to challenge, Hard and Unknown 6 units and finally Hell or Heaven, Chaos and Ultimate 9 units.
  5. No hero stones can be used to continue stage.
  6. Farm the stages for Summon Books and Abyss Summon Books. They can be used at Leonne’s Exchange Centre to exchange for:
    (Exchange Period: 6 February 15:00 ~ 27 February 15:00)
    – 5*/4* Van
    – 5*/4* Ion Bless
    – SR Sword: Key of Lorelei (see below for details)
    – Evolve materials for Key of Lorelei
    – 10K LP
    – Stamina Gel (S)
  7. The highest drop rate for Summon Books is in the Hell or Heaven Stage – Ultimate stage does not drop any Summon Books. On the other hand, the highest drop rate for Abyss Summon Books is in the Ultimate stage. Easy and Normal stages do not drop any Abyss Summon Books.
  8. 5* Van is spear-type, and has no working Leader-skill or Skill (hits all enemies for 99999 HP at 99 LC). LB him 2 times to get to max Level 99. (Note: LB Birds cannot be used on both 5*/4* Van; you have to get all his cards from Leonne’s Exchange Centre)
  9. 5* Ion Support Bless is Wind-type and will boost Recovery of Wind units by 1.25.


Key of Lorelei (Sword)

Max Attack: 802

Max HP: 196

Trait: Boosts Attack by 16% for the equipped unit when HP>50%

The Key of Lorelei can be evolved to UR++ and cannot be limit broken. As mentioned above, you can get the base SR Sword and the needed evolve materials at the exchange centre.

Login Bonus
6 February 00:00 ~ 20 February 23:59

You will receive 3* Abyss units (Luke, Tear and Anise) as well as their respective R MAs once when you login within this period.


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