Richard – Ultimate/To the Future modes

  • Pre-emptive strike: drains 40 LC, around 150k damage (~37.5k x4) with 5* Earth Bless
  • Poison damage to a column for 2 turns
  • Attacks the bottom right (unit #3) on first strike, random after
  • Self-destructs on turn 20
  • He does almost the same things in the two stages

Richard is here to play, and will leave on the 20th turn, somewhat similar to Goddess Leonne. The main difference is that he doesn’t have shields and can actually be defeated if you don’t want to wait for 20 turns, and is sore about him hitting you for 150k damage.

Given that you can only use ToG units, this fight is pretty terrible for players without a lot of ToG units to work with. Other than that fact, it’s a simple fight once you survive his first strike, once again relying on HP leaders and a good Shield in the 3rd spot for the first turn with the right Earth equipment such as the ones mentioned in the Zaveid fight. Richard doesn’t do much for the rest of the fight. He hits or poisons random units every 2 turns, but it’s nothing regular healing can’t recover from, and doesn’t even go into Critical HP mode no matter how low his HP gets.

For reference, the equipment used here is Terun (50% wind reduction) and a Brave Frontier Spear (20% wind reduction):

The Request to do 30 million damage in Ultimate mode is a lot harder since you lose 40LC off the bat and still have to built up enough LC for tile change and damage boost, all within 20 turns. You can skip the null-poison Bless and aim for Sophie’s Dead or Alive Mystic Arte (which isn’t easy since the poison is only 3 turns and your HP might be too high after healing), or wait till you farm enough to get 6* Richard’s 3.5x damage boost. For an easier time, you can always grab the guaranteed Malik or Hubert (with their SE leaderskills) in Step 3 of the current gacha.


Richard – Goddess mode

  • HP: 25m
  • Pre-emptive strike: does not drain LC, around 136k damage (~34k x4) with 5* Earth Bless
  • Attacks the bottom right (unit #3) on first strike, random after
  • Mystic Arte on turn 10
  • Moves every turn, around 10k damage per turn
  • 2 triangle shields
  • No triangle tiles appear unless you use units with leaderskills that boosts appearance of triangle tiles

Don’t forget, Special Effects are off here so if your #3/Shield unit and Finisher unit are not earth type, make use of element rings to make them so. His HP and attack is a little lower than before for it, but the difficulty jump is still high.

Triangle tiles do not appear naturally, so you need to have tile changers to triangles, or a unit with Shield Breaker arte, to take down his Shields. or, the easiest ‘strategy’ would be to use School Sophie, for whom this stage was designed around. Her LS will cause triangle tiles to appear, and her skill changes two tiles to triangles, and if her arte fires, two Shields are taken down (Aladdin Leon’s LS has the same effect, but is missing the other two benefits). She doesn’t boost HP though, so your other LS has to boost HP, and if that isn’t enough to take his first strike, wait for the HP-boosting Bless (or use Leonne – HP 1.1x to Light units – if you have her).

And if you were lucky enough to survive the first strike with such strict conditions, you still need to finish him off within the first 10 turns. It’s reported that a 3.5x (6* Richard’s Skill) boosted MA is enough to KO him, while some players used two unboosted MA (again, the cheap tile change from School Sophie would help here). Use Phoenix Blessing (CQ UR Spears) if you think you may get lucky.

Link Boost units will help you better reach the needed LC in the 10 turns, and you would want the usual Turn-delay, Vampirism artes, Lucky Heal, and CQ bows to keep alive during the 10 turns.

The poor man’s strat

5% DoA, 5% math, 90% RNG.

  1. My Shield unit has Terun and Panda Suit equipped. The damage is ~10k if Panda Suit (40% reduction) activates, and ~17k if it doesn’t. My initial HP was ~52k. Math says 17kx2 + 10kx2 = 54k, so I did a lot of math to add 2k HP to my team. Use HP herbs and limit break for extra HP, or change to higher HP equipment on certain HP-boosted units, change element to gain some HP if you’re using a HP Bless (Light, in my case). If all else fails, farm another MLB Richard (who has decent HP) from the event and use him to tweak your HP by leveling him to the desired level.
  2. At 54,848 HP, the first prayer to RNG is for the Panda Suit to activate at least twice. In my case, it activated exactly twice and left me standing at 128 HP. Anything less than twice is game over (unless Lucky Heal revives you), and anything more than twice meant storing LC to use Richard’s boost Skill.
  3. The second prayer to RNG is for the tiles to be neat. If free of circles and hearts, and you have 20LC, you can kill him right away. In my case, I had to break his Shields with two conveniently placed triangle tiles, and use another turn to get rid of two conveniently placed circle tiles.
  4. If going for DoA, remove your CQ Bows and Vampirism, unless you’re careless like me. For damage reference, a double CQ Hammer referral!Sophie, without her own DoA trait activating, was enough to KO Richard. Note that my Sophie is Earth-type, Lv89, fully herbed, and has UR++ MA.


As usual, please feel free to share your own observations, tips and Friend-leader assist in the comments!

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