Here are some tips collected from players who have cleared the Tower for February for floor 30. For earlier floors, please refer to this post.

Floor 30: Dhaos


  • HP: 2.5m
  • Element: Light
  • Targets: None (at first). Circles, Stars and Triangles (after 2nd revival)
  • Status: Freeze, Stone, Burn


Dhaos opening greeting is a 9-tile 1-turn freeze, which skips your turn if all your 9 units are frozen. After which, he burns unit #1, and freezes #2 and #3 and then puts up a status barrier lasting 15 turns. It is this 15 turns where he is immune to Turn Delay. He hits very hard, and if you manage to KO him, well, he has the same skill of 24F Zagi, but stronger — he’ll hang on with some HP, and then recover to full HP and freeze the first 3 units. If you KO him a second time, he uses the skill again, this time reviving to ~50% HP. and freeze your first 3 units and petrify your next 3 units. He attacks every turn.

Tip (24/4/17):

The Dhaos fight is basically to beat him up with a 6 tiles board while healing and surviving his attacks. He renews his status barrier very often (you’ll see a battle message ending with 15), so forget about Turn Delay. Most of his attacks are on the first column, so deck them out with equipment that reduces Light (or all) damage and leave them to their fate of endless freezing and beatings. The ‘plan’ is to wear him down with the remaining 6 tiles. His HP is only 2.5m (each time) after all.

The Skill “reduce damage by x%” (50% is best) is a must here, for Dhaos’ Mystic Arte does a damage of about 300K (depending on your Bless and eq), and he seems to use it somewhat randomly (in my attempts, there was no pattern in his HP or my LC when he uses it). He does announce it though, in a message that ends with (1) (basically “incoming killer attack in 1 turn”), so you need to activate the damage-reduction Skill and hopefully have the HP (read: healed to max) to tank the hit. For that reason, try to always keep your HP high. I managed it with a team of almost all Vampirism, couple of CQ Bows, Lucky Heals, and a tile-change to hearts. “Survive for x turns even when HP reduced to 0” is an acceptable (but often more costly) alternative to the damage reduction Skill, but you’re pretty dead if you haven’t healed back the lost HP by the time the Skill wears off. If you’re lucky and kills him the turn after he announced his MA, the MA is skipped because he uses the turn to revive.

After his second and last revival, Dhaos becomes more aggressive. Your 2nd column gets petrified – I just let it wear off. More importantly, he starts to target tiles, and hits them very heavily. Keep hearts and squares around where you can. Use a tile change to hearts or the damage reducing Skill when that happens. If you are well equipped and lucky enough to survive all that, slowly wear down his last HP bar and victory is yours.

No longer applicable after the bug fix

Here’s the ‘cheap’ (I say clever) way to defeat Dhaos painlessly, direct from the player who was (one of the?) first to come up with it (their video demo is here).

The idea is pretty simple, but the preparation is anything but:

1. For your team, focus on the highest attack Leader-Skills you can manage with a cheap tile change/booster and insert as many Link Boost units as you can, while including the specialty units mentioned below.

2. Don’t let him skip your first turn. To do so, at least one unit must have the guard-all Ribbon (100% chance to block all status ailments) equipped. This ‘armor’ equip was only given out as a reward to players of the first Arena rankings who achieved enough mana points. Your next best bet is 4* Sara from her VS event, whose 5th trait has a 50% chance to block all status ailments. If you don’t have either, check your Friends’ equipment traits for the term “全異常状態を防止する(100%)”, some of them have the Ribbon equipped to help Friends. To make use of your Friend’s unit, bring a 8-man party. The initial 9th slot will be filled your friend’s Leader.

3. Once you get that first hurdle out of the way, you get to move on your first turn instead of being skipped. On that first turn, Dhaos hasn’t put up his barrier, so unleash your Turn-Delay on him. Either your unfrozen unit must have the Arte and be lucky enough to trigger it that turn, or, more reliably, you must have someone with that Skill, such as 5* ToX Alvin (Shoot), or 5* Dhaos himself (delays enemies by 3 turns 20LC), who was the reward in a previous ToP event. Of course, you will need some Link Boost units to use the TD Skill. Delay him, then use your unfrozen unit to pass the turn and unfreeze the other 8.

4. You now have 9 healthy units facing delayed Dhaos with 2-3 turns left. You need enough Link Boost to have LC left to do tile-change and/or boosts to take out 2.5m ASAP, and then kill him a second time. For reasons unknown (Note 1), this doesn’t trigger his 2nd revival. For reference, I used 6* Ludger friend for the 20LC tile change, was lucky and only had to swipe out one Circle tile, tile changed to use All-Link and KO-ed him. On his revival, he has about 38K HP, and a 2-Link was enough to kill him.

This is the quick way to defeat him if you manage to gather everything necessary and have luck on your side. The proper way is presumably to kill him all 3 times, but I don’t have data for that yet, so please feel free to share if you do!


This post isn’t complete and will probably be severely updated later on. It is up in incomplete state because of the announcement amendment on 20 Feb 19:40:

“There is an unintended bug in the enemy behavior of Floors 24 and 30. It is planned to be fixed on 27 February. Players who cleared the Tower before the bug fix will retain the cleared status. We apologize for the confusion caused.”

This is all the notice said, practically word-for-word, in its usual slightly vague manner. It is not known if the ‘cheap’ winning method is banking on the ‘bug’ (see Note 1 above), but players who want to make use of it anyway should do it before 27/2. It is also not yet known how Zagi of floor 24 is bugged, and if it is only this month or from the time 24F was added. If you have any additional information, please share!

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