Leonne is here and she has a very interesting set of moves. Here are some tips gathered from players and personal experience.

Ultimate Mode

As the game notice hinted, you literally have to survive x turns. We are playing the punching bag of a goddess. Bring out all your underused defensive gear, for she hits hard (being too stressed with the Exchange Center being so busy lately).

As the battle begins you see messages (that flashes by way too fast) saying:

  • Survive for 12 turns
  • Status Ailment Immunity (no turn delay) for 10 turns

Other things of note:

  • She does a pre-emptive attack of almost 18k x3 (depending on your Bless/Armors) on one unit, and continues to use it in subsequent turns
  • She attacks every turn
  • She also sleeps middle column and burns first column. They hit a lot less than the triple combo.
  • She has one shield of each color
  • You only damage her for 1 HP per hit
  • No LC drain
  • No heart tiles will naturally appear

After 12 turns, Leonne says “You did a great job” and self-destructs hands you your win.


Your favorite artes (Delay and Vamp) are useless here, and so are CQ bows. For that matter, even your UR++ Mystic Artes have no business here. Skills and Traits are where it is at, and HP boosting Leaders are a basic need, even better if they boost Recovery.

For reference:

In this mode it’s safe to ignore her shields and concentrate on, well, surviving. There are many ways to do so depending on your units and gear. e.g. Idol Marta’s Skill heals 70% of HP, and TA Ange’s Trait reduces 50% Light type damage. Focus on Link Boosts units, and armors like White Armor or Lucky Heal (esp the Bell for regaining HP, the rest for miracle resurrection if you can’t tank). The summary of the battle is as follows:

Goddess Mode

  • Survive for 14 turns
  • She has four shields of each color
  • Nulls UA effect

There are two main points to note here. Her triple combo now has a pattern: first on unit #6, then always unit #3, unless she’s using Burn or Sleep on the columns instead. Secondly, on her 13th turn she will throw a Mystic Arte at you out of nowhere. Summary:

Check out more tips in the comments and feel free to add your own!

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