Zaveid – Goddess Mode

  • Pre-emptive strike: -180 LC gauge, drains 100% LC, around 120k damage (?) with 4* Earth Bless
  • Targets Hearts and Stars, Poison damage
  • Always attacks the bottom right (unit #3)

This fight is a lot more straightforward than Leonne, probably to account for the earth-units-only restriction. He hits very hard, but only the bottom right unit, so your elemental Shield unit is very important, again, along with Leader Skills built for tanking. His pre-emptive move makes Link Boost useless, so focus on high HP/Recovery units instead. For some reason, Circle tiles seem to show up a lot, so make use of it.

As usual there are a few ways to beat it. Mine happened to be pretty luck reliant for lack of a good Earth unit and every other optimal setup, such as two damage reducing leaders, and Earth 6*s. Here, Marta (no Earth shield trait of her own) is equipped with Terun (reduces 50% Wind damage), and Marurun’s Panda Suit (50% chance of reducing any element damage by 40%). It appeared to have activated on first turn, bringing the damage down by a lot (helped by 6* Sara’s 15% damage reduction at 100% HP). Most importantly, she is on a Circle Tile along with half of the units, and need not be moved from her position. Even with my Friend’s three TA units, I only had 30 LC gauge, so my goal is free All-Link using Circles. It didn’t kill him, and Marta was moved away from the #3 spot, but Turn Delay helped and I reached another free All-Link before my HP went out.

Your chances will improve greatly just by having more 6* earth units, a low-cost tile changer preferably involving Circles, lots of Turn Delay/Vamp/CQ Bows units, or a low-cost damage Booster.

Tip: free units 4* Lippi and 4* Viva-kun have their last trait “reduce all elemental damage by 20%”.

Images for damage reference:


  1. Team stats
  2. Earth Shield equipment
    (Not used, but useful EQ:)
  3. Brave Frontier Spear (reduces Wind damage by 20%)
  4. Protect Mark (10% chance of reducing damage by 80%)

Info is a bit sparse because my trial run got lucky and I’m not attempting it again. As usual, please feel free to share your own observations, tips and Friend-leader assist in the comments!

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