20 February 15:00 ~ 28 February 15:00

Viva-kun’s (Tales of Viva Mascot) birthday is coming up soon on 28 February!

ToLink’s first Pre-3rd Year Anniversary Special Event will be to celebrate Viva-kun’s birthday and Viva-kun’s favorite snack – Ohagi (as shown above) – will be added as drops into all main story stages in this period.

The Ohagi snack can be used as an item to power up your characters (like herbs do) and adds 3 (typo corrected) to Attack stat when used. (Players can only use it as a item from 2 March onwards though)

There are also additional rewards given out if the total Ohagi farmed by all players in this period reaches certain tiers, with the prized reward a new 4* character – Viva-kun himself. (see details below)

Rewards from Total Ohagi Farmed (3 tiers)
1. 25K Ohagi: 100K LP x1
2. 50K Ohagi: Stamina Gel (S) x5, Random Element Ring x1
3. 100K Ohagi: 4* Viva-kun x1, Guaranteed 5* Ticket x1

4* Viva-kun will be Shoot type and comes with a new Trait: Adds 1000 LP after clearing a battle stage (Trait 1). Viva-kun cannot be LB, and his max level is 80.

Lippi will also be appearing as an enemy in main story stages in this period – defeat him to get increased exp and a chance of receiving more Ohagi! As usual, the chance of meeting Lippi increases with stage difficulty as well.

The rewards will be sent (via giftbox) to all players who have farmed at least 1 Ohagi in this period on 1 March. Lower tier-ed rewards will be given out as well even if the total Ohagi farmed reaches the higher tiers. E.g. If the total Ohagi farmed = 50K, players will receive both Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards.



Lippi will not appear in this stage (as shown above circled in red).

The area multiplier of a story stage quest does not apply to the experience received from defeating Lippi.

Also, 5 Players will be randomly chosen to receive a special present – an Autographed-Paper of the ToLink Cast.
Note: Only players living in Japan will be eligible for the autograph so the details will not be covered in this post.


There are two other Pre-Anniversary events coming up as well. Stay tuned for updates!

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