18 February 15:00 ~ 31 March 15:00

The monthly Tower of Trials event is back!

  • 1 new floor has been added – the upcoming Tower will have 30 floors in total this time.
  • No hero stones can be used to continue stage.
  • NOTE: (Updated) The 3OF Enemy Boss is Dhaos, and he will sometimes be immune to the Turn-Delay Arte. Turn-Delay skills will still work on him though.
  • For game balance, the floors listed below will go through the following changes:
    – 11F ~ 15F: Enemy HP and Attack adjusted
    – 16F ~ 17F: Enemy Attack lowered
    – 18F ~ 19F: Some of enemy’s parameters lowered
    – 29F: Adjusted for game balance
  • As mentioned previously, all players will start from 1F when the event starts.
  • You will receive a reward for every floor when you clear it the first time for the month. (see below for details)

There is a type-restriction rule (only bring units of that type; friends’ units excluded) for each floor between 11-15. You can check the weapon-type needed under the Event-Details button and refer to below for the kanji of each weapon type:

Sword, Spear, Bow, Hammer, Magic

Note: You can refer to the December Tower of Trials Tips on clearing the Tower up to 29 Floor.

First-Time Clear Rewards

The First-Time Clear Rewards are the same as the previous Tower of Trials, except for the sequence of the type of LB birds given out and for both 29F and 30F. (see details below)

29F: Hero Stones x2
30F: Hero Stones x3

4* LB Birds
– 6F: Shoot type x2
– 7F: Spear type x2
– 8F: Sword type x2
– 9F: Magic type x2
-10F: Hammer type x2

5* LB Birds

– 16F: Shoot type x1
– 17F: Hammer type x1
– 18F: Sword type x1
– 19F: Spear type x1
– 20F: Magic type x1

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