19 April 15:00 ~ 8 May 15:00

The (not-so) monthly Tower of Trials event is back!

  • The upcoming Tower will remain as 30 floors in total this time.
  • No hero stones can be used to continue stage.
  • The stamina needed for the Tower will be halved this round.
  • The difficulty level for this event may be adjusted for game balance.
    • 19F: stats decreased, and some skills adjusted.
      Both enemies only attack the lower right (#3) now.
    • 30F: some skills adjusted.
  • As mentioned previously, all players will start from 1F when the event starts.
  • You will receive a reward for every floor when you clear it the first time for the month (see below for details).

There is a type-restriction rule (only bring units of that type; friends’ units excluded) for each floor between 11-15. You can check the weapon-type needed under the Event-Details button and refer to below for the kanji of each weapon type:

Sword, Spear, Bow, Hammer, Magic

Note: You can refer to the February Tower of Trials Tips on clearing the Tower up to Floor 30.

First-Time Clear Rewards

The First-Time Clear Rewards are the same as the previous Tower of Trials, except for the sequence of the type of LB birds given out. (see details below)

4* LB Birds
– 6F: Spear type x2
– 7F: Sword type x2
– 8F: Magic type x2
– 9F: Hammer type x2
-10F: Shoot type x2

5* LB Birds
– 16F: Hammer type x1
– 17F: Sword type x1
– 18F: Spear type x1
– 19F: Magic type x1
– 20F: Shoot type x1

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