13 January 15:00 onwards

There will be 4 continuous events to commemorate the 2nd season launch of Tales of Zestiria the X anime.

All 5* and 6* ToZ cards will turn into dark-type (element SE) and receive a boost of 1.5x to their stats (stats SE).

The second event will be for Alisha’s chapter:
(29 January 15:00 ~ 13 February 15:00)

  • VS Mode for Alisha (Easy ~ Chaos), where drops can be 3*/4* Alisha, Herbs and R~SR weapons.
  • For Chaos stage though, 4* Alisha will be guaranteed as a drop.
  • NEW: ToZ-X Medals have been added the drop pool for this event – as usual, the drop rate is higher in higher difficulty stages. Players can farm for the medals to exchange for various rewards at Leonne’s Exchange Center (as shown below).

Medal Exchange Rewards List

  1. 5* Lailah
    – LB her 6 times to get to max Level 99
    – 5* LB Birds cannot be used on her – you will need to get all 7 of her cards from the exchange center if you want to max LB her
    – Leader Skill: Boosts HP and Attack by 1.5x for Shoot, Hammer and Magic units
    – Skill: Boosts Attack of Shoot, Hammer and Magic units by 2x for 1 turn (LC:25)
    – Medals needed: 10
    – Max exchange limit: 21
  2. Element Rings
    – All Element Rings are in the rewards list, except for Random Element Ring.
    – Medals needed: 10
    – Max exchange limit: 2 per ring
  3. Stamina Gel (S)
    – Medals needed: 3
    – Max exchange limit: 20
  4. 10K LP
    – Medals needed: 1
    – There is no maximum exchange limit for this item.

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