16 March after maintenance ~ 26 March 15:00

  1. Challenge the stages with Phoenix. Different stages require different number of Phoenix’s. Friends and Guest units do not have to be Phoenix and will not add to the required count or gain Special Effect even if they are.
  2. There are 4 stages from Easy to Chaos each requiring different number of Phoenix.
    Easy: 3 Phoenix
    Hard: 6 Phoenix
    Evil: 9 Phoenix
    Chaos: 9 Phoenix
  3. Farm the stages for Phoenix’s Letter and ToZ-X Medals. You get a minimum of one Phoenix’s Letter on any difficulty. The drop rate is, as usual, higher for higher difficulty stages.
  4. Phoenix’s Letter can be used in Leonne’s Exchange Center to trade for items such as R~UR MA (Phoenix), Phoenix’s Awakening Material, and Goddess’ Tear/Love.
  5. Phoenix’s Awakening Material can awaken 5* Phoenix into a 6*. He will gain a 5th trait (LC+3 when battle starts), along with upgrades to his LS, Skill, Arte, and trait.
  6. 4*+ Phoenix and 5*+ ToZ units will turn into water-type (element SE) and receive a boost of 1.2x to 1.5x to their stats (stats SE) depending on rarity.

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