8 January 23:00 ~ 1 April 00:00

The pickup characters will include the 5* characters from the TVCM Commemoration Free Gacha and 5* Swimsuit Characters of 2014 and 2015 (see in-game notice for full details).

This is a 3-step Step Up Gacha, with different bonuses and guarantees each time you do a multi-pull.

Hero stones needed for Steps 1 and 2 are greatly discounted; you will only need a total of 90 hero stones if you want to complete all 3 steps (see below for details).

Step 1

  • 10 stones needed for 10-roll
  • Guaranteed two 4* or above
  • Bonus: LP 100K, 4 Stamina Gels (S), 2 sets of Keys (one for each Key quest), 2000 Hero Points

Step 2

  • 30 stones needed for 10-roll
  • Guaranteed one 5*
  • Bonus: LP 150K, 10 Stamina Gels (S), 3 sets of Keys, 3000 Hero Points

Step 3

  • 50 stones needed for 10-roll
  • Guaranteed one 5* Pickup Character
  • Bonus: LP 200K, 20 Stamina Gels (S), 5 sets of Keys, 5000 Hero Points

All 10-rolls after the 3rd step will cost 50 stones and there will also be no extra bonuses given. There will be no Link Badges given out in the first 3 steps and players will still receive the usual 150 Link Badges from the 4th 10-roll onwards.

Gacha Guide

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