23 January 15:00 ~ 3 February 15:00

  • All past 5* Gacha UA characters will return in this gacha
  • All 5* UA characters get Special Effect (1.5x stats and earth element) in the upcoming Repede VS event

This is a 3-step Step Up Gacha – Hero stones needed for Steps 1 and 2 are greatly discounted; you will only need a total of 90 hero stones if you want to complete all 3 steps (see below for details).

Step 1

  • 10 stones needed for 10-roll
  • If you get a 5*, there’s a 30% chance that it will be a UA character
  • Bonus: 4 Stamina Gels (S)

Step 2

  • 30 stones needed for 10-roll
  • If you get a 5*, it’s guaranteed to be a UA character
  • Bonus: 7 Stamina Gels (S)

Step 3

  • 50 stones needed for 10-roll
  • Guaranteed one 5* UA
  • Bonus: 10 Stamina Gels (S)


– All 10-rolls guarantee one 4* or above, and after the 3rd step, 10-rolls will always cost 50 stones and there will also be no bonuses given.

– You will also only get the usual 150 Link Badges for 10-rolls from the fourth 10-roll onwards – the first 3 steps do not give out any Link Badges.

– For this round’s UA Gacha, for every 10-roll after Step 1, if you get a 5*, it will be guaranteed to be a 5* UA character.

UA units with Null-Stone status (10-turns) on Excellent/Great:

  • Yuri & Flynn
  • Estelle & Rita
  • Lloyd & Colette

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