1. There will be an app update to version 3.8.1 launched on 13 January 11:30 JST and with this update, a “refresh” button will be added to the Friends List before entering a battle stage.

Players can now refresh their Friends List directly with this button instead of re-entering a quest to do so.

Minor bugs will be fixed as well.

Also, for game balance, the LC for the Skill of the new 5* Sorey from Tales of Zestiria the X: Anime Commemoration (2nd Season ) ToZ Gacha has been changed. Previously it was LC:45, now it is LC:38.

Update Notes:

  • This update is compulsory, you cannot play the game after 13 January 15:00 JST if you do not have this app version.
  • There will be no maintenance held for this update as well.

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